2020-11-27 E-Edition

MnDOT to clear trees along Highway 169

WUORI/PIKE TOWNSHIPS — Beginning November 30, Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) contractors will be clearing select trees along Highway 169 northeast of Virginia from Highway 53 to County Road 26. All trees being cleared are on state right of way, not private property. The tree clearing is part of this past summer’s Highway 169 resurfacing project. Clearing trees along the […]

Thoughts on giving thanks during lonely and difficult times

“It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.” I don’t know the origin of this saying, but I think it’s true. I try to be grateful for all things. Usually my first thought each morning is “Thank you, God, for the gift of life.” I have so much to be thankful for. I […]

Helping students afford classes

Mesabi adds zero textbook cost program

VIRGINIA — Mesabi Range College has launched its Z-Degree (zero textbook cost) program. Beginning fall semester 2020, students at Mesabi Range College will be able to earn their Associate of Arts (AA) degree without the additional cost of textbooks for Z-Degree designated courses. Z-Degree programs have been gaining attention in the world of higher education since they were first introduced […]

AT&T boosts network speeds in Virginia

VIRGINIA — AT&T customers and FirstNet subscribers in Virginia recently received a boost in wireless connectivity. ATT&T added a new cell tower to enhance the area’s 4G LTE coverage and help give residents and first responders faster, more reliable wireless service. “AT&T customers can rest assured that our company is continuing to invest in our network and new technologies to […]

Artists sought for 2021 Ely ArtWalk

ELY — The 2021 Ely ArtWalk, held February 4 – 28, has been extended for the 2021 Ely Winter Festival. “Our non-competitive, non-profit display of creative talent will be the second edition of Ely’s hardy mid-winter window shopping tradition,” said organizer Mary Setterholm. “More than 45 businesses participate by offering their store windows as a city-wide gallery.” ArtWalk 2021 registrations […]

A glimpse above, a feast below

A Minnesota traveler joins a meal at a New Mexico pueblo

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following story—never before published—will appear in Biwabik native and world traveler Tom Mattson’s upcoming book Meeting Strangers, Making Friends: More Travel Adventures from the Minnesota Storyteller. Readers should note that some of his stories are written in the third person about an alter ego named Jasper. This story is fitting for Native American Heritage Month and the […]

Look for warning signs of cancer in pets

Cancer can strike any person at any time. Cancer does not discriminate based on gender, age or nationality, nor are pets immune to this potentially deadly disease. The American Veterinary Medical Association says approximately one in four dogs will, at some stage in their lives, develop neoplasia, which is the uncontrolled, abnormal growth of cells or tissues in the body. […]

Canine oral papilloma virus can affect young pups

Juvenile dogs, much like their similarly aged human companions, have immature immune systems that develop over time as they gain more exposure to their environment. Many dogs are immunized against certain harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses that can cause serious illnesses. But exposure to certain viruses may catch new pet parents off guard when their furry friends begin to exhibit […]

Consider these gifts for seniors in your life this Christmas

If seniors could have anything in the world this holiday season, a new report shows their top wish is to have a homecooked meal with family. Of course, a spa day, Uber Eats subscription, or cold hard cash works for them, too. As bad as 2020 has been for everyone, it is exponentially worse for senior citizens. They have accounted […]