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2020-10-16 E-Edition

Former Blue Devil and Bulldog Niskanen retires from the NHL

Matt Niskanen announced his retirement from the NHL on October 5. The 33-year-old defenseman played this season for the Philadelphia Flyers after they acquired him in a trade from the Washington Capitals on June 14, 2019. He had one season remaining on a seven-year, $40.25 million contract ($5.75 million average annual value) he signed with Washington on July 1, 2014. […]

Finding happiness in life’s adversity

An Ohio resident shares her memories of Eveleth

EVELETH — In the midst of the splendor of northern Minnesota’s clear lakes and lush forests are several cities comprising the Mesabi Iron Range. Eveleth, where I was born, had been settled by very courageous immigrants arriving in the 1890s as the underground and open pit mines were first opening. Our residents, or their parents, had come from about 20 […]

What’s on my Mind

Audio Article
Making connections in unexpected places

Cooperation and a cold one—that’s what on my mind. uuu I don’t always know where inspiration will come from when deciding what to write about for my column. I had a few things going through my mind over the weekend, but nothing seemed to stick until I took a drive to our local watering hole on a Sunday afternoon. Before […]

Nominate a local outstanding nonprofit

COHASSET — Lake Country Power will recognize a non-profit organization that has made outstanding contributions to the local community through a special effort of volunteers and unique efforts. Lake Country Power is seeking applications for the Touchstone Energy Community Award. Any non-profit organization that has helped make northern Minnesota a better place to live and work through its community service […]

Prevent pet-related damage to the house

The benefits of having a pet are innumerable. Pets can be companions, protectors, service animals, and even help produce products that can be sold, such as eggs from chickens. While there are many positive attributes to pets, one potential concern is the impact they have on the home. Pet-related damage can occur when pets are angry or happy. Boisterous animals […]

Find out if homeowners insurance covers animal damage

Pet owners who arrive home to discover that their pet has caused damage to their domiciles may wonder if that is covered by their homeowners insurance policies. Allstate insurance states that homeowners insurance typically does not cover damage inflicted by pets on personal property or the dwelling itself. This also applies to domestic farm pets, as would be the case […]

Remembering the 1975 shipwreck

Edmund Fitzgerald beacon lighting ceremony goes virtual

TWO HARBORS — The annual Edmund Fitzgerald memorial beacon lighting at Split Rock Lighthouse on November 10 will commemorate the sinking of the freighter S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald and the loss of her 29 crew members on November 10, 1975. This year the ceremony will be held via social media platforms on November 10 starting at 4:30 p.m. with the beacon […]

The Nature Nerd

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Focus on: Plants on the move

Fall and early winter are the times for many plants to be on the move. While they cannot pull-up roots, they do find ways to move, in a manner of speaking. Plants that travel, in one way or another, have great advantages. The early life of a plant as a seed is the time most plants move. The habitat of […]

Innocent Project of Minnesota awarded $300,000 federal grant

STATEWIDE — The Innocence Project of Minnesota has received a two-year, $300,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice that will fund the formation of Minnesota’s first Conviction Review Unit (CRU). The CRU, which will operate as a partnership between the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office and the Innocence Project of Minnesota, will allow the state to review legal cases for […]