2019-05-17 E-Edition

The freedom of speech — and — the speech of freedom

Origins “Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society” is the 2019 Law Day theme. Law Day is an annual observance at the beginning of May each year, sponsored by the American Bar association, designed to educate people on the American legal system. Where do these words come from, and what do these mean for us today? The bedrock foundational document of […]

Come celebrate National Sauna Day on June 8

You’re right at home at Nelimark Homestead in Embarrass

Embarrass, Minnesota is famously known as “The Cold Spot” of the region. But at the Nelimark Homestead Museum and Gift Shop, the atmosphere is as warm as a Finnish sauna. “When people come into the house, we have decided that we really want it to be like we are inviting people into our home,” said Jeannine Bjornrud, a Sisu Heritage […]

UWNEMN President’s Corner: Bean counter to Buddy Backpack supporter

CHISHOLM — For a long time, I didn’t really like United Way. I wasn’t a part of it. I didn’t get into it. I am a blunt, to-the-point guy. I am a bean counter. United Way didn’t seem up my alley. Then I heard about the Buddy Backpack program. It blows my mind and breaks my heart that so many […]

Voyageurs Area Council, BSA celebrates 25 years with their largest spring weekend youth event ever

CHISHOLM — Voyageurs Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, headquartered in Hermantown, will celebrate 25 years of serving youth across the upper Midwest with an expanded and adventure-filled annual spring weekend youth event. More than 500 youth and adult leaders from the Voyageurs Area Council will gather May 17 – 19, at the Minnesota Museum of Mining in Chisholm to […]

The love of a pet helps reduce stress

Last year, a majority of Americans reported experiencing stress “during a lot of the day,” according to Gallup’s recently-released Global Emotions Report. Sadly, we’re global leaders in feeling agitated – there are only three countries in the world that are more stressed out than the United States. But there’s an antidote – a healthy dose of pet love. To remedy […]

Falling madly in love with a country and culture

Mt. Iron woman has made a pair of solo trips to visit Japan

Is it possible to fall head over heels … for a country? I recently returned from my second trip to Japan, and I am madly in love. Japan is a blend of beautiful ancient culture and modern technology. There is something for everyone, so much so that it can be completely overwhelming. Upon landing, one of your first experiences is […]

Helping Minnesota military,litary, veterans and their families…

MDVA announces recipients of Support Our Troops grants

The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA) announced recently the recipients of the competitive (2018 Cycle II) Support Our Troops (SOT) license plate fund grant program. The MDVA SOT grant program offers a – on supporting and improving the lives of veterans and their families. “Congratulations to our diverse group of grant recipients for their commitment to serving Minnesota veterans […]

The Senior Legal Line A legal question and answer line

Dear Senior Legal Line: My kids are encouraging me to get a health care directive. I am in my early seventies, but I take care of myself and I am in good health. I have not gotten a health care directive yet because I’m worried that it will take away my rights to make decisions about my own health. Can […]

“Nobody said being human was going to be easy”

Freedom of speech: As it should, what a person says matters

We learn from an early age that what we say matters. Unlike written words which others can choose to avoid, our spoken words can invade the space of others whether they are an intended audience or not. Given this, the freedom of speech also elicits a certain amount of responsibility. It’s all too easy to blurt out things that are […]