“Darn You Dougie!”

The cookie hunt is on

I may not look much like a kid anymore, but there’s no question that I’m still a kid at heart and a somewhat mischievous one at that. Dennis the Menace has got nothing over on me and this is the time of year when the kid in me really manifests itself. I love the holidays especially the time between Thanksgiving […]

Merry Christmas!

We extend our sincere wishes for a blessed and peaceful holiday for you and your loved ones. The Iron Range is a truly great place to be at this time of year with our beautiful winter weather, delicious ethnic foods, tight-knit families and friends, the warm embrace of our churches, and concern for our neighbors in need. We thank our […]


And Mary treasured all these things, and pondered them in her heart. - Luke 2:19

My Aunt Kay died in September of 2009. She and my Uncle Allen were both in their late nineties, and for the last few years had resided in an assisted living center in Champagne, Illinois, the town where they had moved to be near two of their four children and families. In the weeks that followed her funeral, their daughter […]

We got Grandpa for Christmas

Growing up, I never had the luxury of grandparents nearby. Actually, I never even had a grandpa and a grandma—together, that is. I had a paternal grandfather who lived in Calumet, Michigan and a maternal grandmother living in Portland, Oregon. I often suggested that they hook up; however, my parents quickly abolished that idea. Fortunately, even though he was far […]


Attention all sales managers, salesmen, saleswomen, and marketing managers! Now, with the coming of the New Year, it is an excellent time to marshal your forces and develop successful sales strategies to counter all the imaginary, half-baked and real reasons why your customers aren’t buying what you are selling. Most sales departments treat their “Reasons Why Our Customers Aren’t Buying” […]

Business Bits

Use your email signature as a way to brand your business. Create a signature line that includes your contact information but also something unique about your business. Jennifer Pontinen is a Business Consultant with the UMD Small Business Development Center, at Mesabi Range College in Virginia, MN. Contact her at jpontinen@umdced.com.

Ernie Mitchell’s TEN SECOND TIP

The Ten-Second Marketing Tip That Works

When writing sales copy the story is everything

Cat tips: grooming and baby steps

Grooming If you have a shorthaired cat you might think she doesn’t have to be groomed but every cat will benefit from regular grooming. Brushing your cat on a regular basis can reduce the hair she ingests when self-grooming. That can reduce the amount of hairballs. Brushing also distributes natural oils and helps kitty maintain her coat. Time spent grooming […]

Contented Critters

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