How to keep dogs safe, content and loved

Every day a family welcomes a pet into their home. According to Greger Larson, director of the University of Oxford’s palaeogenomic and biarchaeology research network, dogs, without a doubt, were the first domestic animal. While researchers know they were tamed and used for work, little is known about when dogs moved from primarily providing utility to being pets. Pet industry […]

Common conditions that can affect the health of dogs

Responsible dog owners ensure their four-legged friends are in good physical health. This involves taking dogs to the veterinarian at regular intervals, providing healthy food options and being aware of the more common (and largely preventable) conditions that can affect dogs. • Ear infections: Dogs that scratch at their ears, continually shake their heads or have an odor in the […]

Taking care of matting in long-haired dogs

Long-haired dogs need greater attention in regard to grooming so they do not develop mats. Long-haired dogs can be beautiful to behold, but their lustrous locks require more grooming than shortfur breeds. If tangles are left to their own devices, a condition called matting can occur. Matting is not only a hassle for pet owners, but also uncomfortable for dogs. […]

How much do you know about horseshoes?

Horseshoes bring more than good luck and serve as more than a tool for the popular backyard game. Horseshoes keep working horses’ feet healthy and safe from wear and tear while also providing support and traction. People who frequently work with horseshoes may know a lot about them, but others can test their knowledge by seeing how many of these […]

After pet loss, when is it time to love again?

 The passing of a pet can be an experience similar to losing another important member of the family. Even though the loss is inevitable, it can still be shocking when a pet passes away. Upon the death of a pet, many pet owners need some time to … Please register for a free account or log in below to access […]

Do cats and dogs really fight like cats and dogs?

Cats and dogs have long been depicted as ardent foes, consistently getting into scrapes with one another. But are those claims exaggerated? Many cats and dogs peacefully coexist in their homes, where their divergent personalities combine to make home… Please register for a free account or log in below to access this content.

Recognize and treat common pet parasites

 Cats and dogs are beloved members of the family, and when they aren’t feeling well, it can put a damper on all family activities. Parasites can be a problem for companion animals. Fortunately for family pets, parasites are highly treatable. It … Please register for a free account or log in below to access this content.

Dogs are guided by their incredible sense of smell

A profound sense of smell is one of the many interesting characteristics about dogs. Dogs’ noses secrete a thin layer of mucus to help keep them moist and enable them to absorb scents. Dogs also will frequently lick their noses to sample smells throu… Please register for a free account or log in below to access this content.

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