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Deck trends to consider when building

Deck trends continue to improve on the form and function of outdoor living spaces. Custom-built decks can expand usable outdoor entertaining spaces. Decks can surround pools and create outdoor patio areas that make it easy to establish multitiered living spaces, improving the functionality of outdoor areas. Certain deck trends have emerged as industry experts’ top picks for the upcoming remodeling […]

Ways to protect your yard from deer

With more than 60 different species of deer worldwide, there’s a good chance that individuals will have some sort of interaction with these majestic animals at one point during their lifetimes. Deer, which live on all continents except Antarctica, can survive in everything from mountainous areas to wet rainforests to suburban neighborhoods. These herbivores are voracious eaters that will search […]

Ways to identify, and avoid, poison ivy

Poison ivy is an unwelcome guest on many properties. Unfortunately, many people don’t recognize the presence of poison ivy on their property until it’s too late and they’ve already fallen victim to the uncomfortable, itchy red rash that is the plant’s hallmark. According to Poison-Ivy.org, a website providing information about poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac, the rash from […]

Tips on container gardening for beginners

 Gardening is a rewarding activity that gardening enthusiasts can’t wait to get back to once the weather warms up. Many gardeners find getting their hands dirty while tending to a garden can be a great form of escapism. In addition, growing one’… Please register for a free account or log in below to access this content. Username Password Remember Me […]

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