Hurting? Getting a massage can help

Do you ever have a sore muscle or an ache and think, “Oh, it will go away on its own.” Only it never does. Well, this happened to a recent client of mine. She told me she had put up with this pain in her neck (quite literally) for more than a year. When she realized it wasn’t going away […]

Mark your calendar

MNsure’s open enrollment to run Nov. through Dec.

Minnesotans will be able to enroll in comprehensive health insurance during MNsure’s eighth open enrollment period, which will run from Sunday, Nov. 1, 2020, through Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2020. All plans selected during this time will have a Jan. 1, 2021, effective date. Minnesota’s enrollment period will be seven days longer than the federal open enrollment period, giving Minnesotans an […]

Exercise protects eyesight; cut down a pandemic drinking spree

Q: I’ve been panicking because I have Type 2 diabetes and narrowing of my arteries. I’m afraid I won’t get to do what I want after I retire in three years. How can I get healthy enough to enjoy my leisure years? — Lamar G., Knoxville, Tennessee A: We’re glad you asked, because many folks are feeling distressed about their […]

Coach Tom’s Corner

Bundle your training needs into a concise

One of my recurring themes is that athletes should use training modalities that would tend to foster specific physical attributes desirable in their chosen sport. I tend to write “train for your sport” oriented columns a few times per year, as I observe athletes focused on training attributes that do not significantly contribute to their chosen sport. What if you […]

Cut down a pandemic drinking spree; exercise protects eyesight

 Q: The amount of alcohol I’m drinking has increased greatly during the pandemic. Just six months ago I was a “glass of wine sometimes” gal, now I have a martini or two almost every night. I keep telling myself to cut back, but it’s hard to do. … Please register for a free account or log in below to access […]

Determine the cause of your heel pain

 Pain in the back of the heel can be caused by a bone spur. The heel bone is called the calcaneus. Some people have a large bony projection off the back of the calcaneus called a Haglunds deformity. It is also called a “pump bump” or “Bauer bump… Please register for a free account or log in below to access […]

Coach Tom’s Corner

Engage in basic, healthy maintenance; be kind and look out for one another

 I read an alarming headline in a local paper recently. Apparently, COVID-19 cases in St. Louis County had spiked by 65 percent. I admit that I am clueless when it comes to the Common Core version of mathematics, but the 15 newly identified case… Please register for a free account or log in below to access this content.

Get kids the flu vaccine this year; eat early in the day to stay happy, healthy and wise

Q: I’m reluctant to get my kids, ages 2 and 9, the flu vacc ne but this year our pediatrician says it’s required at least by his practice. They’ve never had the flu and I don’t want the flu shot to make them more vulnerable to COVID. What do you thin… Please register for a free account or log in […]

Applications open for new child care funding; state to issue $56.6M in funds

Approximately 7,000 Minnesota child care providers will be eligible for $56.6 million in funds to help ensure children’s and staff’s health and safety in their child care settings during COVID-19. The new COVID-19 Public Health Support Funds for Chil… Please register for a free account or log in below to access this content.

St. Luke’s helps kids get ready for school with physicals, immunizations

St. Luke’s can help your kids stay healthy with immunizations and get back in the game with sports physicals before they head back-to-school. Fall is just around the corner, and St. Luke’s is open and ready to care for your family. Providers at our p… Please register for a free account or log in below to access this content.

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