Saturday, Oct. 5, is the 1st annual Iron Range Pasty Festival

Grown on The Range: 800 pasties with all local ingredients!

IRON RANGE — The all-locally-sourced pasty is coming in October for the first annual Iron Range Pasty Festival! The pasty is a staple of Iron Range cuisine, having come originally from the tin mines in Cornwall, England via Michigan’s copper mines and then to the iron mines starting up in northern Minnesota. The pasty tells an immigration story: when Cornish […]

Out of the Blue

NOTE: My wife (Bethany or Annie or “Li’l One” as my Auntie Brenda calls her) decided she wanted to take over much of my column space this week, and I’ve known for quite some time that “if mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.” So, without further ado or adon’t, here’s Annie! Aaaaahh! Summer! It finally arrived!—a few weeks ago, at least […]


LEO (July 23 to August 22) Keeping your claws sheathed and using good humor instead to counter someone who’s bad-mouthing the Big Cat isn’t easy. But it’s the best way to avoid more problems down the line. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) A workplace situation could improve if you’re less critical and more supportive of those who are, after […]

Healthy for Life

Getting to know food sensitivities, allergies and intolerances

Greetings, everyone and everybody! Today’s column is on something that I personally am on a continual quest to a find and keep a good balance and peace with food. It may be extremely difficult for some to get or find a variety of foods or by eating smaller amounts of foods or ingredients that agree with your body type or […]


Sally has a new best friend. Do you know Arthur Itis?

Greetings and Sallytations! So, last week my husband wrote for me and he was right about one thing. I like to stir the pot just enough to irritate him so he will do his rebuttal and I get a week off of writing my column. It works like a charm. I see he got quite a bit off his chest. […]


Massage may help trauma patients

I had an interesting conversation with a cousin, telling me about a book he was reading called “The Body Keeps The Score,” written by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D. (Printed in 2015, so it’s a relatively new book.) The title alone had my attention and then my cousin explained what he had learned from the author about how our bodies […]

Are you struggling?

Start your day inspired and intentional!

When I have clients who are struggling, one of the first things I do is recommend that they revamp how they start their day. I truly believe that part of living a better you involves starting the day inspired and intentional—and that means in your mind! This might require an earlier wake-up call and a change in your routine, but […]

Out of the Blue

This will quite likely be the shortest column I’ve ever written in this paper. Simple and succinct with some pretty pictures to illustrate it. But can I resist a bit of a tangent, a small aside, before writing it? I think not. I get “I never see you anymore now that you’re married” often. I’ve considered (but so far successfully […]


LEO (July 23 to August 22) Be careful not to be a copycat when dealing with someone who uses unfair or even unkind methods to reach a goal. As always, do the right thing the right way, and you’ll win in the end. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) An offer could have many good things attached to it that […]

Healthy for Life

Get the most out of the hot and sultry dog days of August

Hello out there! The month of August has arrived with all its end of summer vibes emitting many mixed thoughts. What I sense mostly is the toll the heat has taken on us and the environment with thirsty-looking leaves and sun-drenched skin. Although I must say all the humidity helps to keep the skin lubricated, of which we were in […]

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