Grown on The Range

The Clay family raises and sells seeds at their off-grid farm

“Everything is going in a circle here,” said Jackie as we ended our afternoon visit. And I could see what she meant. She had just split a rare heirloom Hopi Pale Gray squash and given me half, leaving some seeds for me and harvesting the rest for the seed business that she runs with her husband, Will. The squash would […]

Healthy for Life

Keep positive while moving through the month of January

Hi out there! If you haven’t winterized yourself by now, it’s a good time to hunker down or do whatever it takes to keep the positive vibes and energy going. Making personal time for prayers and meditation is always an excellent way to center and uplift your soul. Also, keeping words of inspiration visibly for you to see throughout the […]


Use massage to help balance your life

How are you doing? Are you enjoying the new year and all the possibilities it brings with it? You know it’s a new beginning, a chance to start fresh with a project or idea. Or maybe it’s a time to work on your personal maintenance program. You knew in December that it needed an overhaul, but you shelved it for […]

Out of the Blue

It was about 2:30 on Sunday afternoon when my wife curled up in a ball in her KC jersey and closed her eyes for a nap. It never ceases to amaze me how that woman can just fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I admit I was a little perturbed with her. I had stoically suffered through the […]


LEO (July 23 to August 22) A financial matter could have you rethinking your current spending plans. You might want to recheck your budget to see where you can cut back on expenses until the situation improves. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) One way to make your case for that promotion you’ve been hoping for might be to put […]

Healthy for Life

Catch your breath and have a safe drive through January

Hello to everyone as we plow into mid-January with hopes of warmth and sunshine, and not too much snow. My car has been complaining this winter season about the cold, snowy, icy, bumpy roads. Living in town seems to be trying for my car as well, but I do appreciate the cut down on mileage. My car doesn’t seem to […]


Sally goes on a last-minute shopping frenzy when her party dress doesn’t fit

Greetings and Sallytations! Happy New Year and welcome 2020! I guess my New Year’s resolution started on Dec. 31 when I went to try on the black dress I had purchased for our New Year’s party. It fit when I tried it on and obviously the holidays added a few extra pounds where I didn’t need them, the “BG” (butt […]

2019’s average temp was close to normal

January may be mild for the most part

The crew at the Duluth National Weather Service Forecast office is always on the ball. They had this year’s annual climate wrap done by Jan. 2. The Minneapolis NWS folks, for example, don’t seem to have done an annual climate report since 2017. At least not one I can find online. The Duluth people are in charge of the stats […]

My December across the country fishing extremes

Enjoying icy Lake of the Woods and a very tropical Key West

Happy New Year! It is always fun when you can wrap up the year doing what you love. For me, it was by spending the last two weekends of the year fishing on opposite ends of the country. I ice fished four days on Lake of the Woods in what is almost the northernmost part of the continental United States. […]

Out of the Blue

Island time is a lot different than regular time. The sense of urgency of regular time? Gone, when you’re on an island. Some may point out that I live my life on island time ofttimes regardless of where I’m at, but we’re not here to argue semantics. Where was I? Oh yeah. 1987. It’s a tossup which year was greater […]

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