Healthy for Life

It’s time to get moving, smile, and speak from your heart

Good day to everyone! As life continues down or up its various roads, I hope that you may find happiness in heart wherever or however you may be. It is a very important time to pray for others and yourself, also especially for our future leaders during this election time. You may want to learn and keep the focus on […]

Grown on The Range

Root cellars remain a viable option for long-term food storage

If you were fortunate enough to buy one of the pasties from the second annual Iron Range Pasty Festival this year, you might be interested to know that the vegetables in that pasty were harvested locally and stored in a root cellar at an area farm. Root cellars used to be common as folks without electricity preserved and stored food […]


LEO (July 23 to August 22) It’s a good week for Leos and Leonas to get some long-outstanding business matters resolved. Then go ahead and plan a fun-filled family getaway weekend with the mate and the cubs. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) A possible workplace change seems promising. If you decide to look into it, try not to form […]

What’s on my Mind

Making connections in unexpected places

Cooperation and a cold one—that’s what on my mind. uuu I don’t always know where inspiration will come from when deciding what to write about for my column. I had a few things going through my mind over the weekend, but nothing seemed to stick until I took a drive to our local watering hole on a Sunday afternoon. Before […]

The Nature Nerd

Focus on: Plants on the move

Fall and early winter are the times for many plants to be on the move. While they cannot pull-up roots, they do find ways to move, in a manner of speaking. Plants that travel, in one way or another, have great advantages. The early life of a plant as a seed is the time most plants move. The habitat of […]

The Lost Puppy Case Files:

Mistakenly identified

EDITOR’S NOTE: Case makes his long-awaited return with another volume of The Lost Puppy Case Files with his foil—yours truly. —Case’s editor Very many bad things have to occur for me to have a bad day. One, I have to miss a meal. Two, uh, well, after further consideration, missing a meal does make for a bad day all by […]


Use massage to help get rid of knots

I recently was asked the question, “Do knots (muscle knots) ever really go away?” It was such a good question that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write about it. Knots can be frustrating to the person who has to wear them and deal with them on a daily basis. They are muscle tissue that have gotten bound up […]


LEO (July 23 to August 22) This could be a good time for all you Leos and Leonas in the spotlight to open your generous Lion’s hearts and share the glory with those who helped you accomplish so much along the way. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) You might want to get advice from someone who’s been there and […]

Camping in the north woods with Murphy

In nature, as in life itself, nothing gold can stay forever

Last week I adventured out into the vast wilderness to do some camping with my pup Murphy. In reality, it’s a seven-acre piece of land we own outside of Biwabik, but it feels more like a state forest with its unbroken canopy of deciduous trees. Winding dirt paths traverse up and over rolling hills at the edge of a steep […]

Grown on The Range

Finnegan’s Farm overflows with craft hemp plants for CBD oil

TWO HARBORS — When COVID-19 hit and the bottom fell out of the specialty herbs and microgreens market for restaurants, farmers Patrick Finnegan and Eric Pollard were more than ready. Friends for decades, they have formed and transformed Finnegan’s Farm several times since it started in 2006. Outside of Two Harbors, not far from the shores of Lake Superior, this […]

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