Healthy for Life

Rise above with joyful celebrations of spring rebirth and renewal

Hello, united souls, and welcome to our ever-changing atmosphere. It seems to be getting more difficult to call our climate conditions anything but natural these days. For instance, all in one day, we experienced sunshine, snow, rain, thunder and red lightning, which put on a spectacular exhibit. T hose of you who witnessed the red lightning, you saw a very […]


Life in Florida with a bargain shopper is like living in la-la land

A couple of weeks ago, I used the term “booby hatch” to describe a place where I was headed given my wife’s compulsive desire to lose car keys and complain about meals I prepared. I assumed you readers would remember her exploits on the pickle ball courts, the bike paths she made at Walmart, and her collection of junked furniture […]


LEO (July 23 to August 22) An incomplete project needs your attention before someone else takes it over and uses it to his or her advantage. There’ll be lots of time for fun and games once you get it done. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Doubts involving a potential career change need to be resolved quickly so they don’t […]

Out of the Blue

“The day misspent, the love misplaced, has inside itthe seed of redemption. Nothing is exempt from resurrection.” – Kay Ryan

Does Tiger Woods deserve redemption? That thought crossed my mind several times as I was enthralled by the final round of the Masters Sunday. Undoubtedly, the 43-year-old’s onestroke win at Augusta was quite the redemption story, and I’ve shared my love for those stories often in this space. Before answering my question, a brief background on Tiger and how we […]

Healthy for Life

Awaken the blossoms of positive energy with earth and spirit

Hello there one and all as we arise and awaken to the gift of spring. As we venture forth while our earth unfolds may we sense the presence of life all around us. As we celebrate the earth there are endless ways that we as the human race can make a difference in trying to maintain a healthier environment. It […]


Beware of the three-legged table and a pinecone chair

The house we purchased in Florida came totally furnished. I’ve never been crazy about our dining room set as it has these chairs with rollers. I was always worried that if I fell into the chair with my weight and energy, it would send me sailing through the dining room window. I just am not a fan of chairs on […]


Detoxifying your body through massage

I think of detoxifying the body as a way to get rid of unwanted or unneeded chemicals that have made their way into our bodies via foods we have eaten, the air we breathe, to lactic acid build up from working our muscles. The Webster dictionary defines detoxifying as: 1) to remove a poison or toxin or the effects of […]

The Long Line

April showers and hiking plans

I really want to love spring. I will be honest though, I really don’t. There is a lot of social pressure when it comes to liking spring. I know spring is supposed to be about renewal, warmer weather, longer days, birds returning, and flowers springing up. Here in Northern Minnesota though, it is a time of sloppy streets, dirty snowbanks, […]

Out of the Blue

NOTE: While writing my column and jotting down random thoughts for a funeral remembrance about my grandma, Lorraine Kunnari, who early last Friday morning suddenly left us – her husband of 72 years, my grandpa Don; her 11 children, including my mom Connie, and their 11 spouses; 50 grandchildren (two deceased, including my brother Jon) and their 40-some spouses (I […]

The Nature Nerd

Focus on: Snowshoe hares

Seasonal color changes occur in many ways. Now that spring finally seems to be here, we look forward to the fresh green look of the vegetation. But, other things change color too! Many animals change color seasonally, some drastically, some in more subtle ways. Snowshoe hares currently are making their seasonal change, from white to brown. The snowshoe hare in […]

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