Yes, do what you love so that you love what you do!



As another weekend approaches, I am looking forward to some down time, and a pre-planned dinner with some great friends. On my drive over, I began to think about our last dinner. The majority of the evening was spent discussing our current jobs. Why we are not appreciated, don’t get paid enough, and then there’s the boss.

The negative feeling of my friends and acquaintances toward their current employment is clearly one that is shared nationwide.

After reviewing several online studies, I can divulge that the statistics are not pretty. The most common day of the week for a heart attack to occur is Monday. I believe there’s a correlation between Monday being the start of the work week and the stress that leads to the heart attack.

It’s also been reported that anywhere from 70 – 85 percent of Americans HATE their jobs, and only about one-third are really passionate about their career. That’s unfortunate, considering the average person spends over 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. It’s safe to say, our employment can make a huge difference on how we approach happiness and satisfaction in life.



According a CNN Money story, there are four main reasons why so many Americans hate their jobs. They are: minimal opportunity for advancement, company culture, being underpaid, and loathsome managers and coworkers.

So now that we know all that, let’s put our life coaching hats on. Moving forward, what do we do about it?

I have done extensive career coaching, and one piece of advice reigns true: DO WHAT YOU LOVE! I know you’ve heard that before and it sounds like a cliché, but it is true. One of my best practices is spending time with clients flushing out when they are the most happy. What are they doing? What are their hobbies, passions, and loves in life? Is it possible to create a job for ourselves based on our passions? I believe it is!

The next question is: What are you good at? What hard skills do you possess? How about computer programming, web designing, typing, accounting, finance, writing, mathematics, legal or other quantifiable skills? And then there’s the soft skill sets like multi-tasking, time management, leadership, communication, problem-solving and being a team player. Make a note of where you stand in these areas as well.

Thirdly, as your life coach, I want you to take out a piece of paper and write down your ideal job. What does your ideal job look like? Think about waking up in the morning. What would your day look like? Would you work from home? What would you do? Who would you work with? Vision is what leads to action. Create a vision for yourself! Visualize your perfect job and document it.

Next, there’s the boss. Eight percent of people leave their jobs because of their supervisors. Think about what your ideal supervisor looks like? I believe your boss can make a huge difference on whether or not you’ll be happy in your job. Some of us like a less micro-managing supervisor. Recall your past bosses. Which ones did you perform well under and which ones did you have trouble with? Think about their management styles? This will better enable you surmise what type of boss is a good fit for you.

Finally, do a quick review of your past jobs. What did you like and dislike most about them? That is also a good piece of information to consider. Perhaps you had a job you loved that you didn’t really have a boss to report to daily—you worked independently, set your own schedule and used your writing skills. Studying the history of your employment is just as important as creating that vision and plan for your next job.

I believe all this information you’ve collected will empower you! Knowledge is power! I am not saying to quit your job without having a new job, but use this information to start creating a plan. Move out of that majority of 70 – 85 percent of Americans who hate their jobs! Figure out what you are looking for and then go after it! Take control of your future. With information, motivation and clarity, you are armed and dangerous! Just another step toward becoming A Better You!

Melissa Versich lives in Hibbing, MN. She is a certified personal and professional life coach, and holds a masters degree in communication. For information on life, health or career coaching, email

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