Winter should be warmer and drier than normal

October may be warm (but not too warm for early snow)



The recent HTF article about Evie the ‘57 Chevy sure caught this old car buff’s eye! It got me thinking about all the cool cars I remember from my youth on the Vermilion Range like Miss Peshel’s ‘57 Dodge Coronet or Mr. Dusich’s 1960 Dodge Phoenix or my childhood babysitter’s 440 powered ‘69 Plymouth GTX convertible or my own ‘68 Dodge Monaco from Arrowhead Garage in Tower. Of course, now that September has passed, it’s time to start putting the region’s cool cars into storage as cool weather hits.

September turned out to be warmer than normal despite a few flurries during that freeze warning the last weekend of the month. October may get a few early snow showers also despite a call for continued warmer than normal conditions.

With the demise of September, we’ve also seen three quarters of 2018 pass away. September was 3.5 degrees warmer than normal. So far, 2018 has ranged from as cold as minus-6.8 from norm in April to plus-6.3 from norm in May. January to April was colder than normal. May to now has been warmer than normal. Averaged out, the departure from normal for 2018 right now is plus-0.82 degree. The trend for warmth should continue in October and—just like September as I mentioned a paragraph ago—snow showers could occasionally pepper the landscape.

The long range forecast for October 2018 indicates the temperature will average four degrees above normal and rain totals will be a half inch shy of the norm. But, that doesn’t mean each individual day will be toasty because by month’s end, it may be cool enough for the little snowy teaser I’ve mentioned.

The 1st to the 4th of October should be warm and rainy, the 5th to 11th should be showery and cool, the 11th to 18th should be sunny and warm—which should make for perfect conditions for prowling for grouse in the woods near Cotton—the 19th to 35th should be cool and showery, and the 26th to 31st should be cool enough for some snow flurries!

So how will the rest of autumn and winter roll? Here’s the latest estimate on that. Winter should be warmer and drier than normal with snow totals bubbling just under normal. Cold snaps could hit early to mid-December, late December into January and late January to February.

Best snow chances come mid-to-late November, early to mid-December and much of March which is statistically our snowiest month anyway. Dave Anderson is a CBS 3 meteorologist. He is a native of Ely and currently lives in Duluth, MN. He writes a monthly weather outlook article which he is sharing with Hometown Focus.

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