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Dear Readers,

I once thought I wanted to be a geriatrician when I grew up, but it wasn’t medicine I liked. What I actually enjoyed was the company of folks who remember when the Lakers were based in Minneapolis. Look at my closet or my Spotify playlists and you’ll understand.

Anyway, I chose aging as the topic for this Health Edition because it is an issue that affects all of us. Whether you are a senior citizen yourself or you care for an older family member—we’ll all belong to one or both groups eventually—this issue has a variety of articles that explore how to take care of our bodies and minds as we age.

Because COVID-19 still permeates daily life, I couldn’t leave it out of this issue. Columnist Jody Rae provides her deeply personal story of a positive diagnosis, while longtime contributor Betty Pond offers a lighthearted glimpse at how she and her husband have dealt with pandemic life.

Thank you to our contributors, readers, viewers, advertisers, and communities for sharing with us and for working together to keep our communities healthy.

Tucker Nelson

HTF Editor

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