Weather outlook by Dave Anderson

July could start warm, falter in the middle and then finish hot

It was July 4th sometime in the late ‘70s and I was on Tower’s main street standing next to Dave Dessanoy’s garage with my grandparents waiting for the parade to begin. Across the street, I noticed Channel 3’s legendary sportsman Marsh Nelson. I wondered why such a big celebrity would be in little old Tower? Then, he crossed the street and addressed my grandparents by name. Who would have thought someone on the news could grow up across the alley from my family! As I also recall, that July 4th was cool and cloudy.

This July could have some cool moments scattered among the warm days our hottest month of the year provides. Temperature-wise, it will be an up and down month. The month should start warm, hit a cool spot in the middle and then finish on a toasty note. But, when July turns into August and the stats are compiled in the record book, the month could actually average one degree cooler than normal. Rainfall should be normal and hit around 3.5 inches.

The 1st to the 8th should be normal temperatures with scattered thunderstorms similar to the ones that finished June. The 9th to 17th could stay stormy and the temperatures may increase. The 18th to 22nd may be warm and showery. The 23rd to 26th should be cloudy with a big cool down. July will finish from the 27th to 31st with a hot and dry period.

As we enter July, we leave the first half of 2018 behind. Here’s how the temperature profile turned out for the first six months (departure from normal):

• June was +1.7

• May was +6.3

• April was -6.8

• March was +0.2

• February was -4.8

• January was +0.8

That makes 2018 so far 0.41 degree cooler than normal.

Here at Channel 3, legendary sportsman from Tower-Soudan, Marsh Nelson, has been gone for about 21 years. Now, after two years with us,

Channel 3 sportswoman Barrett Anderson (no relation) is leaving. We wish her the best of luck in her latest endeavor. Stay tuned, please, to find out who the new person will be. Rest assured, if they’re not a Ranger like us, I’ll teach that person about Marsh. And how to say Zup’s. Dave Anderson is a CBS 3 meteorologist. He is a native of Ely and currently lives in Duluth, MN. He writes a monthly weather outlook article which he is sharing with Hometown Focus.

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