Tongue-in-cheek fun names to consider for your pet

Naming a pet is serious business for many pet owners. Pet owners want to capture their animal’s unique personality, but also have a name that rolls off the tongue and demands attention.

According to Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, the most popular dog names from their most recent survey were Cooper, Charlie, Bella, and Luna.

Popular names for cats also included Luna and Bella as well as Oliver and Milo. Those looking for inspiration when naming their new pets may want to consider these names, courtesy of Nationwide Insurance.

• Farrah Pawcett
• Barfolomew Barfonopolis
• Doc Howliday
• Ozzy Pawsborne
• Tupaw Shakur
• Franklin Woofsevelt
• Sir Lix a Lot
• Vladamir Poochin

•Pablo Purrcasso
•Bobcat the Builder

•Sir Pounce a Lot
•Isaac Mewton
•Obi Wan Catnobi
•The Great Catsby
•Winston Purchill
•Banana Pawz
•Catt Damon
•Miss Fuzzlekins
•Whiskerus Maximus


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