To protect America: a poem

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Someone said to me, see that man over there? He always looks so dirty and never combs his hair.

He’s always in the bars, drinking day and night. He mustn’t have a job, nor children or a wife.

It must be really nice, doing nothing all day long. You should not judge him if you do not know his song.

That is your opinion, it just might not be true. I will ask him if what you say is true.

I’m sorry to bother you; I have a question to ask. If I’m intruding, I won’t ask about your past.

That’s all right; what would you like to know? What brought you to this point in life, drinking so?

Once I was a young man, living a happy life Two beautiful children, a very lovely wife.

I used to have a job, working day and night Then a letter in the mail sent me to war to fight.

I saw so many horrors, watched so many friends die Killing others’ loved ones, just so I could survive.

I never got much sleep, afraid to close my eyes You may not make if the enemy caught you by surprise.

The sounds of crushing tanks and airplanes overhead Were other courageous soldiers, praying not to be dead.

I often felt afraid, but others called me brave. When I go to sleep, will I wake, or loved ones weep?

But I made it through, while others never came home. I watch their families cry, their loved ones died.

Some lost their limbs, some lost their minds Some lost their families, the way that I lost mine.

I can’t get close to my children, for they may die. It would hurt too much, having to say goodbye.

My wife didn’t understand, that Hell on foreign land So now I drink, day and night, reaching this point in life.

I went to fight a war for my family and you. To protect America, the red and white and blue.

By Lois Fesnick, Chisholm

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