Stephen Skogman: Mountain Iron City Council candidate

I have 10 years of experience on the Mountain Iron City Council. I was born and raised in Mountain Iron. I have lived in this city for 67 years and love everything about it.

I am retired from the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Department after 31 years of service. I am also retired after 25 years of service from the Mountain Iron Fire Department.

I started my time on the city council in the early ’90s. I served eight years at that time and have been back on the city council for the past four years. I am serving on the Health and Safety Board and have been chairman of the library board, the cable commission, and currently I am chairman of the planning and zoning commission. I have been involved in the development of Rock Ridge, restoration of old downtown, the upgrading of the downtown sewer and water lines, and the buying of the utilities in our eastern part of town from Virginia.

Because of COVID-19, I am not going door-to-door with my campaign. I will miss meeting people and talking to you but feel this is the best for all.

Even with COVID-19, we have been able to keep our city moving forward while keeping expenses down. Hopefully, we will not have to do cuts to programs such as the library, recreation department, or special events such as Merritt Days if everyone pitches in and lends a hand.

We have some commercial and housing programs that have been started but put on hold for now because of financing and COVID-19. We are working on an electrical solar generating plant on land just to the south of the city garage. This should help with keeping electric rates down in town. We are going to be putting in a new water well just south of the current water tower to assist with our growing water needs. We also have plans to build a community park in the South Grove area by the current ball fields, tennis courts and hockey rink.

Last year we received a grant from the Minnesota State Fire Marshal’s Office to study shared services with Virginia. Hopefully, we can get better fire coverage, lower insurance rates, and possibly an ambulance stationed in Mountain Iron. With the aging population of the Range, these are things that we need to look at.

This year, we have set a preliminary levy increase of just six percent, which is one percent higher than last year. The community center bond was paid off this year, which was set at five percent, so there should be no noticeable increase in your taxes.

With all that is going on in Mountain Iron, I feel that we need someone with a strong leadership ability and someone who is currently involved with city government in order to keep moving forward. I feel I am that person.

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