St. Louis County Sheriff’s K-9 Kilo to retire

K-9 Kilo is retiring after serving with the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office since 2011. He will remain with his partner, Sgt. Brandon Silgjord. Submitted photo.

K-9 Kilo is retiring after serving with the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office since 2011. He will remain with his partner, Sgt. Brandon Silgjord. Submitted photo.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY – One of the most popular members of the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office will be retiring this weekend. K-9 Kilo, a German Shepherd who specializes in narcotics detection and searching for suspect and evidence, has served with the Sheriff’s Office since 2011. Now, at the age of nine, Kilo will transition to full-time family pet, staying with his longtime partner, Sgt. Brandon Silgjord.

Since beginning his work on patrol in October 2011, K-9 Kilo has compiled an impressive list of accomplishments:

• Deployments: 291
• Criminal apprehensions: 37
• Narcotics/cash seizures: $30,000-plus
• Training hours: 1,100-plus
• Public demonstrations: 32

Even more impressive are the stories behind the statistics. K-9 Kilo has located felons accused of domestic assault in below zero temperatures and found suspects after searching more than 45 minutes in windy weather that dispersed their scents. He’s found people hiding in an outhouse, pontoon boats and small attic areas. Kilo also located an individual who’d attempted suicide, but thanks to the dog’s quick work, the person received the needed care to survive.

“Working with Kilo for the past 8 years has been the highlight of my career. I will truly miss having him at my side every day,” said Silgjord. “There is a level of loyalty and a bond built between us that no human partner could replicate. I am extremely honored to have served our community in this capacity, and humbled by the support of our citizens for Kilo and for our K-9 program.”

In recent months, K-9 Kilo has been showing increasing signs of age-related medical concerns, leading to the decision to retire him. The Sheriff’s Office will begin the process soon to purchase and train a new K-9.

The cost of a new K-9 is typically $18-$20,000, which includes buying and transporting the new dog, plus as 12-week training course necessary for certification. The AMSOIL Northland Law Enforcement K-9 Foundation will assist with a portion of that cost. Anyone wishing to donate to help with remaining expenses can do so at

St. Louis County sponsors free antique appraisal

Bring your antique/collectible item to the St. Louis County Heritage & Arts Center (the Depot) for a free appraisal on Wednesday, April 17. The St. Louis County Historical Society has arranged for Dan Sershon of Northland Estate Services and Denny Mager of Northern Specialty, both experts in antique appraisal, to be at your service from 12 – 3

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Call (218) 733-7568 or e-mail for further information.

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