St. Louis County Board selects chair

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St. Louis County commissioners have selected Commissioner Paul Mc- Donald to serve as county board chair for 2022. Commissioner Patrick Boyle was selected vice chair.

McDonald represents the geographically massive Fourth District, which covers all of the northern portion of the county as well as much of eastern edge. He has been on the County Board since 2019. Boyle represents the Second District, which covers the eastern portion of Duluth. He has been a commissioner since 2014.

In thanking his fellow commissioners for choosing him to lead the board this year, and for their continued service, Mc- Donald stated, “I am very confident we are going to have a good year. I know we are all united in one mission to make St. Louis County better each and every day for each and every one of our citizens. I look forward to working as a unit to accomplish those goals.”

As the new board chair, McDonald assigned commissioners to chair the following standing committees of the board:

• Health and Human Services, Patrick Boyle
• Public Works and
Transportation, Keith
• Environment and
Natural Resources, Mike
• Finance and Budget,
Keith Nelson
• Public Safety and Corrections, Ashley Grimm
• Central Management

and Intergovernmental Relations, Frank Jewell

Commissioners also approved their meeting schedule for 2022. Consistent with the board’s ongoing efforts to provide easier access to meetings for all citizens of St. Louis County, at least one meeting each month will be held in locations around the county outside of the county seat in Duluth. Board meetings will be livestreamed when at locations that are equipped with the necessary technology to do so. All other meetings will be recorded and posted later on the county’s YouTube channel, as well as aired on public access cable television. The 2022 schedule can be found online at boardschedule.

For more information about St. Louis County and its board of commissioners, call 218- 726-2450 or visit

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