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T&T Summerfest: Community event will help summer go out with a bang

HOYT LAKES — Last summer, while sitting around a fire, a group of friends were discussing how much fun we have all summer during Fourth of July celebrations, camping, rock festivals, and the Hoyt Lakes Water Carnival. Typically, a group of family and friends would have a “deep fry fest” after the above-mentioned festivities were over for the summer. After some years, it seemed the annual “deep fry festival” was fizzling out. So, with the annual Hoyt Lakes Water Carnival in our rearview mirror for the summer it wasn’t uncommon to hear, “Well, now that water carnival is over, summer is pretty much done!”

Tia mentioned, “Why not keep the summer fun going? We should try to throw something together for people to come out, listen to music, play outside yard games, eat good food, and have fun enjoying the sunshine and each other’s company! Summer doesn’t end in July!” It was the idea that gave birth to the T&T Summerfest.

The planning started. We put on our thinking caps and started to brainstorm. We drafted a set of ideas that included location, date, entertainment, food, a yard game tournament, and how to get all these things accomplished without breaking the bank. After locking in the location, date, food, and games, there was still one obstacle: the entertainment.

Tim isn’t a stranger to the local entertainment scene, being a DJ in previous years and working with musicians who play in a variety of bands. Tim pitched the idea to the band members. They would play pro-bono at the festival, get very little perks, and donate their time for the possibility of creating a future festival that the locals can look forward to. If the idea had merit, it would be something that would go on for years to come. The bands (very enthusiastically) said they would come and play for the festival. For those bands, PRFKT DYSORDR, LSD, SIX- 9s—we have more gratitude than we can express, because without the bands, the festival wouldn’t have been the success it was in the first year.

This is where it gets to the heart of the story—community. Out of towners showed up from local campsites, people from in town attended, others showed up to eat food, some to play in the tournament, and local businesses donated gifts that were raffled off. Some of the proceeds were given to the bands, to cover some of their expenses they incurred. There was a crowd of 200-plus in the first festival and everyone from ages 7 to 80 had a blast!

The party MUST go on, so here we are at 2nd annual T&T Summerfest “Lakeside!” T&T Summerfest this year will be on Saturday, Aug. 17, at Fisherman’s Point Campground in Hoyt Lakes, located at the end of the point/boat landing area. Festivities begin at 12 noon. No admission for entry, so make plans to come out and enjoy!

There will be two food trucks at the ‘fest, including “The Good ‘Ol Days” food truck from Tower and Rich Bittner’s food truck offering burgers and fries.

Also, a huge addition will be the popular “Lakeside” clothing booth. You can catch them on Facebook at “Lakeside Clothing Co.”

This year, there will be music from 12 noon to 10:30 p.m. Each of the bands brings a unique style and are EXTREMELY entertaining. All of them are a CAN’T MISS!

Kicking off at 12 noon are The Jellyphish, bringing country, rock, and classic rock done acoustic style. Around 3 p.m. LSD will be rockin’ out with a bluesy mix, and some more classic rock. At 5 p.m., The SIX-9s from Chisholm will be taking the stage playing popular hits from your favorite rock, country, and classic rock. At 7:30 p.m., PRFKT DYSORDR will entertain the whole crowd with a mix of country, classic rock, and modern rock.

There will be a BIG bean bag tournament, and entries are to be determined based on interest. The tournament will be $20 per team, and prizes pay out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Teams can sign up at the festival between 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. by contacting us on the Facebook page (2nd Annual T&T Summerfest), or there is a signup sheet at the Fisherman’s Point office. There will also be other yard games on site available for those who would like to play.

We hope to see you there!

Tim and Tia Thuringer live in Hoyt Lakes, MN. For more information, visit their Facebook event listing.

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