Salvation Army introduces “Kettle Pay” in Minnesota

You won’t need to have cash this year to donate to the Salvation Army; all you need is a phone. This Christmas season, every red kettle in Minnesota and North Dakota will be equipped with Apple Pay and Google Pay, allowing donors to simply “bump” or scan their phones to make a digital donation.

The funds will be distributed to local Salvation Army units based on the donor’s billing ZIP code, and an email receipt will be sent directly to the donor’s phone. The Salvation Army will use all electronic kettle donations to provide food, clothing, shelter, family mentoring, disaster relief and other critical services for people in need.

“We are excited about the new giving opportunities that Apple Pay and Google Pay will provide for The Salvation Army and our iconic red kettles,” said Lt. Col. Lonneal Richardson, leader of The Salvation Army Northern Division.

Now in its 129th year, The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign runs through Christmas Eve at various locations in Minnesota. Donations are accepted at any of the traditional red kettles found on street corners and in front of stores, online at or on your phone by texting KETTLE to 91999.

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