Bidding goodbye to water balloons and greetings to a green thumb guru



Greeting and Sallytations!

By the time you read this, the 4th of July will be in the rearview mirror. As an event planner for the City of Mt. Iron, I organize and judge the parade, run the kids’ races and all that goes with them.

I don’t want to see another water balloon ever again. Wait – I’m retiring. Those will be the last of the water balloons for the rest of my life. I can fill the balloons but I can’t tie them. Blame that on arthritis. I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th.

My favorite part of the 4th of July is watching the Eveleth Clown Band (ECB). Just think of the memories they give thousands of people each year. Not only the Clown Band, but all marching bands deserve our huge thanks.

I remember my marching days back in the day – lugging that French horn and wearing those hot uniforms in the blistering sun. I always feel for the drummers and the tuba players. What we do for the love of music!

We had some awesome relatives from Chicago visiting us at our cabin last week. They brought some frozen Lou Malnati’s pizzas and all the fixings for authentic Italian beef sandwiches.

We started with imported Jewish buns, grilled Italian sausage topped with beef and then the secret pepper mix from Chicago. Then we topped it with the beef juices – it was heaven! A sloppy heaven, but heaven.

My husband dazzled them with his 25-pound hotdish, or as he calls it, beef noodle casserole. Hernia patients or those with bad backs are not allowed to lift this Yuccas culinary masterpiece.

Minnesota is not only known for 10,000 lakes, but the 10,000 hotdish creations. So, besides eating far too much, we took some country walks, golf cart rides, and a trip to Walker Crazy Days. When the rain didn’t stop, we worked on a few arts and crafts. One can never own enough duct tape pens.

Our guests left just as the annual Mayfly invasion began. Lucky them. I’m hoping for some strong lake winds to blow the flies far, far away.

Let’s hope July starts bringing a little more sunshine. I’ve planted my first garden at the lake which includes five flower pots with various flowers, six perennial plants and a variety of tomatoes. I’ve invested a total of about $40 on this new hobby.

I can’t wait to see if the tomatoes take. I have raspberries that are trying, but I doubt if I’ll get enough to make a batch of jam. Just wait until I’m officially retired. I think I just may like this gardening hobby. Garden guru girl!

My husband and I are still dealing with the ongoing squirrel-destroyingthe bird-feeder saga. I’ve convinced him that my way will work. I go out and tell them to go away and I clap at them and they fly off the feeder. By the time I march back up the deck stairs, they are back. It’s my inexpensive, creative Stairmaster. No electricity involved.

I’m sure that when I leave the cabin to go back to work, Mark has his pellet gun nearby. The squirrel slayer and the squirrel saver. Never a dull moment with our variety of attempts to be rid of them.

I just heard the best trick for cleaning your outdoor grill grates. Cut an onion in half and use the onion to clean the grates. Not only does it clean them, you get a nice base for cooking. It works like magic. Get rid of those bristle brushes…they can cause serious medical issues if one of those wires ends up in your food.

Tales from the Scales. I was doing pretty well on the weight loss until I devoured that Chicago beef sandwich. Well, that and about three meals eaten out.

I’m making a very serious attempt to give up french fries for life. It’s a love / hate relationship. The baked potato can stay but the grease has got to go. I just need to repeat the mantra, “fries to thighs.”

So, here’s to getting back on my healthy living lifestyle. I’m patiently waiting for the garden tomatoes to arrive!

Over and out!

Sally Yuccas lives in Virginia, MN.

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