Sally feels the love while celebrating Valentine’s Day on a budget



Greetings and Sallytations!

I took a week off from writing last week’s column, and I let my husband Mark be my pinch hitter. What a mistake on the she said, he said saga. What a debacle. Let’s just say we won’t be discussing funeral arrangements for some time now.

My husband asked me if I’d do him a favor as long as I was going out to do errands yesterday. He asked me to pick up his prescription at Walmart. Not a problem. Well, when you’re in the busy season in Florida, this little task can consume a lot of time. Standing in lines becomes a part of your daily planning and drug store lines are the worst.

When my turn finally came, I wanted to invite the lady in front of me over for dinner. We shared life stories while we waited. I played 28 games of words with friends to boot.

I waited almost 40 minutes and finally I escaped that line just to hit the next logjam at the deli counter, which is an experience all by itself. I love the deli ladies. Most of them are from Haiti and don’t speak English. Once again, I pondered if I really needed that ham or salami. Was it worth my time?

I was just about to leave my spot when they sent another gal over to help. It was another 30-minute wait in the books. In Florida, it’s all about hit or miss in the pharmacy and deli line. And, if you plan to go to the beach and get a parking spot, you have to be there by 10 a.m. Tricks of the trade.

Once April hits, it all settles down a tad. Florida will test your patience at times, but it’s all part of getting the perks of warm weather. Most restaurants have waiting lines outside until your buzzer goes off. That outdoor waiting line wouldn’t fly in Minnesota. Minnesota would have to make heated igloos or fire pits with heated benches.

So, it’s Valentine’s Day on Friday. You know you’re getting old when you discuss the plan for Valentine’s Day. No gifts. No flowers. No candy. I guess I’m getting an amount to spend on Amazon. I believe my budget is between $50 – $75.

I asked Mark how he came up with this budget. I guess he figured if he had to buy some piece of jewelry or flowers or both, he was looking at this amount. Nothing screams romance more than giving me a budget.

I’m good with this plan. It will save him time searching and stressing over what to buy. We always try to write each other a handwritten love note and skip the Hallmark card section. I know some of you may be wondering what kind of love notes two people write each other when they routinely throw each other under the bus in a newspaper column. But love conquers all and our sentiments come through. All this money we save will go toward eating out. However, celebrate your day. Enjoy it!

A fellow at pickleball shared with me a remedy for back pains. He’s been suffering from back pain and tried this technique and swears by it, so I thought I’d share it. Take a tablespoon of honey and add a teaspoon of cinnamon. Cook in microwave until a slight bubble appears. Mix it well and add to your favorite hot drink, tea or coffee.

It’s worth a try. I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV, but this fellow said this drink has saved him. If it doesn’t work, you had a nice flavored cup of coffee.

My injury of the week was slamming my head into the corner of my kitchen cupboard. Oh, I saw stars and other objects. I screamed in pain. Mark came running to my side, already thinking of my funeral request list. He brought me a big ice pack and sat by my side very concerned for about two minutes. Then, he went into his lecture about the importance of closing drawers and doors. Really, Mark, this is not the time for the daily lecture about safety first.

I also got sick again from eating too much greasy food. Once again, he was right at my side assisting, which is one place you don’t want someone next to you. All I could hear him saying was, “You didn’t even take time to digest your food.” Who in their right mind examines this?

I didn’t complain as he was on his hands and knees cleaning up my trail. I’ll have to remember to digest my food in the future. I’m just glad he didn’t fall and slip while cleaning up. It was like a combined game of twister and slip and slide, I swear.

Just another day in the life. Learn from me: Shut those cupboard doors and practice proper food digestion. May all my injuries help others see what not to do.

Happy Valentine’s Day. However you celebrate, just feel the love. Over and out folks.

Sally Yuccas lives in Virginia, MN, and winters in Naples, FL.

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  1. N Bagley says:

    1st. Both my parents are from up on the ‘Iron Range’, my mother from Eveleth, father from the Hibbing area. They past away many years ago, they came to Washington state after marrying. We spent so many summers in Minnesota, I found your site a few years ago and I wanted to tell always how much I enjoy your storytelling and your humor you put into it. Every time I read your section, which pretty much is the only part I read it makes me so happy and reminds me of the good old days. Keep up your good work and enjoy your retirement. Tell the hubby I love hearing his ‘side’ of the story also.

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