Range Environmental Drilling grows through equipment modernization

HIBBING — Range Environmental Drilling (RED) acquired a new piece of advanced equipment through a loan guaranty with Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation. The Hibbing-based, veteranowned and operated company secured an AMS, Inc. brand PowerProbe machine that performs environmental and geotechnical direct push drilling in hard-to-manage job sites, such as uneven terrain and restricted spaces. Watch a video of the PowerProbe at work.

RED conducts environmental site investigations that require drilling up to 100 feet vertically into the ground. For example, if a gas station suspects an underground tank leak, RED drills at the site and supplies the soil samples for examination. Or drilling may be needed in an area to determine if the physical properties of the soil are suited for a new largescale commercial structure. RED’s services are contracted by consulting, engineering and government agencies, and local clients include Northeast Technical Services (NTS), Braun Intertec and Barr Engineering.

The PowerProbe is a multi-functional powerhouse equipped with a 200 foot/pound direct push hammer, a 3,000 foot/ pound auger head and an overhead winch. The machine can core through concrete and asphalt to allow access for the collection of intact continuous soil cores.

“The new equipment increased our operational efficiencies,” said Todd. “It requires only one person to operate it and doesn’t need a dedicated vehicle. It is mounted on its own platform and track making it compact enough to access confined spaces where we frequently have to drill.”

RED owners Todd and Vicki Knuckey are Hibbing natives and founded the company in 2008. Prior to that, Todd was employed by NTS where he operated a drilling rig. He recognized the market need for environmental drilling services, founded his own company, and now performs work for NTS and many other organizations in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota. He has employees located in Hibbing, Minneapolis and Duluth to conduct drilling operations. Todd is also a 4-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

“Owning a small business in the agency’s service area gave us added financial strength to purchase modern equipment that is helping to grow and sustain our business,” said Todd.

Note: Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation provided RED a previous loan guaranty that also helped with an equipment purchase. Loan guaranties are available to qualifying businesses in the agency’s service area. For more information, email Scott Sundvall at scott.sundvall@state.mn.us or call him at 218-735-3015.

Source: The Ranger (Nov. 6, 2019), a publication of Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation.

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