Pointers for pet owners traveling with pets in tow

Many individuals and families simply cannot part with their companion animals for long periods of time. As a result, it’s become much more common for pets to accompany their owners on vacations. A study by AAA and Best Western International found more than half of American pet owners take their cats and dogs with them when they travel.

Pet owners traveling with their four-legged friends in tow can make the experience a fun and safe one by planning ahead. Be sure the pet is up-to-date with immunizations and bring documentation of those immunizations with you when traveling. Update any dated information on secure tags so pets can be returned promptly and safely should they become lost. Take frequent breaks on road trips to allow the pet to get some exercise and relieve itself. Some pets do not fly well and certain airlines no longer transport certain breeds in the cargo hold, so inquire with airlines before planning a getaway.

For those traveling outside of the country, recognize that some countries initially quarantine animals from other countries for a certain period of time to ensure the pet is in good health. Look for pet-friendly hotels and verify that pets are allowed before booking.

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