Peggy Anderson: Mountain Iron mayoral candidate

Peggy Anderson

Peggy Anderson

I am a mayoral candidate for the City of Mountain Iron. I have lived in Mountain Iron for over 50 years. My husband was born and raised in Mountain Iron. He was employed by the city for over 20 years. I retired from the Essentia Health-Virginia hospital after 30 years of full-time service as a registered nurse. During my tenure, I served as a union steward and negotiated employee contracts. Currently, I serve on the Mountain Iron Library Board. I’ve been active in the Merritt Days Committee since its inception and currently serve as the treasurer. My two daughters and their children reside in Mountain Iron. I enjoy spending time outdoors at my farm and family cabin, connecting with family, friends and community members, and being a part of my daughters’ and grandsons’ active lives.

It would be a great honor to serve as your mayor. If elected, I promise to serve with a humble heart. My door will always be open to listen to new ideas, gain fresh perspective, and find solutions. I offer transparency and will serve with the promise of working toward the greater good by creating a Mountain Iron that we are all proud of. I assure the community will be informed in a variety of ways including social media, television, and print media. Mountain Iron is rich in history, tradition, and local culture. We are fortunate to have a strong business base. We must offer support to our local businesses and continue to invest in business to sustain our economic growth. Our city has vast recreational areas that are underutilized. I will strive to find ways to improve our local parks and build our recreational programs for our young families. I will reach out to the MIB school to find ways to collaborate on programs that benefit our youth. I will continue the work to preserve our downtown, update our infrastructure, and increase our housing options. I will reach across city lines to find partnership in civic activities. Mountain Iron offers something for everyone. I believe our greatest untapped resource is the people who live and work here. It is time to bring everyone together and move forward with purpose.

It is with regret that I won’t meet you on the campaign trail due to COVID-19. I enjoyed meeting many of you in my canvas of the city two years ago. I learned so much from our talks. I ask you to find a way to cast your vote November 3, if you haven’t already. Your vote for me for mayor is a vote for the person that will connect with residents, listen to all, and promote transparency. Stay safe!

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