Mrs. Jill Papin’s third graders share poetry and drawings

It’s holiday haiku time: Shared by Marquette Catholic School


CHRISTMAS DAY Do you like Christmas? I like to build a snowman. We drink hot cocoa. By Addy

CHRISTMAS DAY Cookies are yummy. I like to open presents. I will play outside. By Audrey

CHRISTMAS! I like Santa Claus. There are presents by the tree. I like hot cocoa. By Aylee

WINTER Santa likes this milk. All my family will come. Santa will come here. By Carson

CHRISTMAS Hot cocoa is good. I like to plan in the snow. Christmas is here soon. By Ella

CHRISTMAS EVE Santa ate cookies. I like drinking hot cocoa. We grabbed the presents. By Emily



CHRISTMAS IS SPECIAL Far in a manger. Our Savior is born at night. Christ is in Christmas. By Gavin

WINTER GREETINGS! The snow is falling. Jesus Christ was born today. Let’s drink hot cocoa. By Hailey

WINTER IS AWESOME Snowball fights are fun. I like snowball fights a lot. Do you like Christmas? By Jacen

CHRISTMAS IS COOL Christmas is fun now. Snow is really fun right now. I like Christmas now. By John

JESUS IS BORN! O let us praise Him! Jesus is born on Christmas. Christmas is so fun. By Mila

CHRISTMAS It is very cold. I like to open presents. Christmas is so fun. By Noah



Haiku is a form of poetry that conveys a vivid message in only 17 syllables. Marquette Catholic School (grades K-6) is located at 311 3rd St. S. in Virginia. In 2017, Marquette Catholic School celebrated 100 years of teaching area children.



















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