Minnesota Power plans to build 16 EV charging stations

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NORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA — Minnesota Power is on the road to a clean energy future as it expands its support for electric vehicles (EVs) with plans to build 16 fastcharging stations.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission recently gave the green light to Minnesota Power’s plans to expand the EV charging network in northern Minnesota by installing 16 DC fastcharging stations.

During National Drive Electric Week, September 25 – October 3, Minnesota Power joined utilities and organizations across the United States to raise awareness of the many environmental and economic benefits of electric vehicles.


The company wrapped up the week with an Electric Vehicle Car Show October 2 in Duluth’s Lincoln Park. The free event featured a variety of electric vehicles and attendees were able to talk with EV owners and Minnesota Power EV experts.

Support for EVs, including expanding access to public charging stations, is part of Minnesota Power’s EnergyForward vision for a carbon-free energy future by 2050. The company’s vision also includes adding more renewable sources of energy and investing in infrastructure for managing the delivery of increasing amounts of renewable energy.

“The shift to electric power in the transportation sector is accelerating and Minnesota Power is proud to encourage the adoption of EVs by adding more chargers across our service area. More EVs are on the road every day because they are economical to operate, fun to drive and offer a great way to reduce carbon emissions,” said Frank Frederickson, Minnesota Power vice president of customer experience. “Our commitment to customers, communities and the climate includes making it more convenient and affordable to use EVs through easy and equitable access to charging stations and rewards programs. At Minnesota Power, our energy mix already is 50 percent renewable and we are excited to be fueling more and more EVs with increasingly carbon-free energy that’s also reliable and affordable.”

Charging network

On September 23, the MPUC approved Minnesota Power’s plan to expand the network of public charging stations across northern Minnesota by installing and operating 16 DC fastcharging stations. The charging stations will be located in both rural and more densely populated communities in the company’s service area and along major travel corridors in northern Minnesota or where there are large distances between existing public chargers.

Locations were selected based on lack of existing DC fast chargers, population density, travel corridors and areas of environmental justice areas of concern based on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s criteria. Construction of the new fast chargers will be complete in 2023.

Locations for the planned DC fast chargers are: Duluth (two chargers), Cloquet, Little Falls, International Falls, Park Rapids, Eveleth, Long Prairie, Hermantown, Floodwood, Bigfork, Cohasset-Highway 2, Silver Bay-Highway 61, a still-to-be-determined location on Highway 53, Baxter-Highway 371, and Hinckley-Interstate 35.

Minnesota Power also has helped increase the number of Level 2 public charging stations in northern Minnesota by donating Level 2 charging stations to business customers and partnering with several communities.

Minnesota Power donated charging stations to business customers at 21 sites in 19 communities it serves. Eleven of the charging stations have been completed so far with the remainder to be installed later this year and in 2022. Charging stations have been installed in Cloquet, Bigfork, Biwabik, Floodwood, Duluth, Sebeka, Long Prairie, and Little Falls.

In addition, Minnesota Power has partnered with communities to bring Level 2 or DC fast chargers to Canal Park in Duluth, Walker, Ely, Virginia, Two Harbors and Motley.

To find charging stations in Minnesota and elsewhere, visit

Incentives and rebates

Minnesota Power offers a variety of programs designed to make driving an electric vehicle more affordable.

• EV Charging Rewards Program. Residential customers who sign up for the rewards program will be able to earn monetary rewards when they charge their EV during off-peak hours anywhere in Minnesota Power’s service area. The MPUC recently approved the rewards program and it is expected to launch soon.

• Electric Vehicle
Charging Rebate Program. Residential customers who participate in
the EV Charging Rewards
Program will be eligible
for a $500 rebate for a
Level 2 smart charger. For
customers who prefer to
participate in Minnesota
Power’s existing residential EV time-of-use rate,
the company will provide
a $500 rebate for the
installation of a required,
dedicated second service
at their home in addition
to a $500 rebate toward
the purchase of a Level 2
smart charger.
• Discounted Charging
Rates. Minnesota Power
offers discounted rates
for charging an EV during
off-peak times of the day
for both residential and
commercial customers.
For more information
about programs and
incentives, visit www.

Minnesota Power provides electric service within a 26,000-square-mile area in Northeastern Minnesota, supporting comfort, security and quality of life for 145,000 customers, 15 municipalities and some of the largest industrial customers in the United States. More information can be found by visiting

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