Mineral Royalties Scholarship process is now open

IRON RANGE – College opportunities on the Iron Range will be a bit more affordable this fall, stemming from the announcement that the St. Louis County Board is dedicating $150,000 to a workforce development scholarship program for those who received a high school diploma while they were a resident of St. Louis County.

Through this program, the county is dedicating a portion of the iron ore royalties it receives to create scholarships for students at Hibbing Community College, Mesabi Range College, Vermilion Community College and Lake Superior College. The scholarship program is intended to be a workforce development resource to help train and retain skilled employees in high-demand industries in St. Louis County.

Northeast Higher Education District President Bill Maki says that this program will be positive for both students and the local industries looking for skilled workers. “By providing these scholarships, our St. Louis County board members have shown a significant commitment to education and to growing the skilled workforce in our region. These scholarships will provide a great opportunity for local students to gain the skill sets needed in high-demand careers so they can continue to live and work here in the northland.”

The application period for the Mineral Royalties Scholarships opened at the recipient colleges on March 1. Individual college foundations will implement the scholarship process and recipient selection. Scholarships will range from $500 – $2,500 annually per student.

For more information regarding eligible career programs and to receive the scholarship application, contact college admissions offices:

• Hibbing Community College (www.hibbing.edu)
• Mesabi Range College

• Vermilion Community
College (www.vcc.edu)

Scholarship guidelines have been established by each college tied to specific academic programs and future career goals.

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