Massage beneficial for seniors



Massage really is for everyone. If you are a senior citizen, you are no exception.

Are you feeling stressed from life’s circumstances? Did you recently move into senior housing? Do you live on your own, but are not sure for how much longer? Are you facing surgery that you don’t really want but know you need? Are you in rehab? Are you battling depression or loneliness? Massage can help with the above mentioned issues and many more that aren’t talked about in this article.

Massage for seniors is an excellent way to help combat anxiety as changes occur in your lives. Some of those changes may very well be out of your control and that in and of itself can be stressful. So why not let massage lower the stress levels and ease the anxiety.

What we feel physically can affect us mentally, and vice versa. Think about this – as a massage therapist uses their hands over your stressed muscles, can’t you feel the tension leave? As your body relaxes, so does your mind. Situations that were bugging you or causing you stress all of a sudden don’t seem to be so stressful.

As your body relaxes from the massage, it can also help improve the quality of sleep for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a good night’s sleep? It also helps with pain levels within your body. As the muscles relax, it helps to dissipate the pain your body has been holding onto.

Massage also helps with depression. It helps your body produce and release more serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter found in the brain, blood serum and digestive organs of our bodies. According to Wikipedia, “Serotonin is popularly thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness.”

That would explain why when I get off the massage table after receiving my massage, my mind and my body are in such a relaxed state of euphoria. It’s hard for me to think, let alone have anything bother me.

I have an elderly client that I see at an assisted living facility. She is 88 years old and is still very sharp mentally. She moved into the assisted living about two years ago with her husband. He passed away about a year ago, so she has had her share of stressors.

Besides going through the above, she too has her dose of health ailments – I don’t hear a lot of complaining from her – and yet she continues to soldier on. One way she does this is to get a massage every two weeks for 30 minutes each time.

She tells me her massages really help her. She no longer feels the tightness and pain in her neck and upper back and she is sleeping better. All of this adds up to make it possible for her to be able to move and get through her day with more ease and less tension.

How about you? Are you stressed, not sleeping well, depressed?

Massage might be the answer to your relief.

Susan Santi is a certified massage therapist and owner of Ahhh Massage in Virginia, MN. Feel free to contact her with questions at 218-410-2144.

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