Love and moose at home, and a son’s act of kindness

This special gift was a random act of kindness to the author by his son. Submitted photo.

This special gift was a random act of kindness to the author by his son. Submitted photo.

I’ve always loved moose, but except for seeing one swimming across Basswood Lake from a far distance back in 2018, I haven’t seen a moose in Minnesota since 2001. I never give up hope, however. Almost every time we are driving through moose country, I say to my family in the car, “Maybe today we’ll see a moose.” Unfortunately, moose sighting in Minnesota for me has been a long dry spell.

My moose history helps explain why my son Rob’s recent random act of kindness meant so much to me. He was in a local store when he saw a moose wall-hanging, and he decided to buy it for me. When he presented it to me, I was touched. First of all, it was a moose! But, more importantly, it was a random gift from one of my children, one who is a teenager nonetheless.

Perhaps other parents have had similar experiences with teenagers at home. Parents know they are loved, but teenagers don’t often go out of their way to show it. Random gifts or random acts of services, like washing the dishes without being asked, don’t happen often. To receive a moose from my teenager son was wonderful.

I’ll be hanging it in a visible location at home, and it will forever remind me of a lot more than a much-appreciated mighty iconic animal of the North Country. It will remind me that children, even teenagers, care deeply about their parents. May we always be worthy of their love.

Aaron Kelson has lived in Eveleth, MN, with his wife Roxanne and their six children since 1999. Only Rob is still at home. All the children have grown up with stories of moose.

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