Korean delegation explores local TV and film production

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY — A delegation from South Korea recently visited St. Louis County, attending the Catalyst Festival and touring locations around the county as part of the festival’s outreach to international content creators. The delegation included five television series creators from South Korea along with other dignitaries.

The group was meeting with local politicians and content creators to further relationships and opportunities to work with local content creators, and to build bridges between the Korean content community and area production opportunities. South Korean game shows, for example, have become popular on Netflix.

Th group is exploring opportunities with the St. Louis County Production Incentive Program, which began earlier this year and provides reimbursement of up to 25 percent of production and post costs for film, television, episodic and commercial content projects that are spent in St. Louis County. It is funded by St. Louis County and administered by the Upper Midwest Film Office (UMFO).


“This visit by this talented group from South Korea illustrates just how much potential there is to establish St. Louis County as a production location,” said St. Louis County Commissioner Frank Jewell, who advocated to the board to establish the incentive program. “Any production here brings with it a wide range of jobs and positive economic impact to our communities, and so we are excited to help these producers see the potential we know is here.”

To date, four productions have been approved for nearly $615,000 in rebates through the incentive program. More information about the program, eligibility requirements and how to apply can be found online at

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