Information to know before getting a nocturnal pet

• Mice and rats: Mice and
rats are intelligent and social
animals that are often kept
as pets. They are most active
at night when they can be
heard squeaking, eating and
• Hamsters: Another small

rodent, hamsters also are
nocturnal. At night, hamsters
can be seen running on their
wheels, collecting foods, and
making nests in their bedding.
• African pygmy hedgehog:
This is a species of hedgehog
commonly kept as a pet. Pet

hedgehogs are quiet, active,
entertaining, and require a
lot of care. They make great
companion animals. However,
because they’re nocturnal,
they will need to be fed and
cared for in the evening hours.
• Leopard geckos: These
lizards sleep in safe and hidden spots during the day and
become active when night
falls. Leopard geckos do not
have the same light requirements as other reptiles that
are kept as pets.

• Cats: Cats are most active
between dusk and dawn,
and are content to snooze
throughout much of the day.
They seem keen on catching prey (whether real or
imaginary) around the house
at night and vocalizing when
their owners are trying to get
some shut-eye.
• Rabbits: These furry friends
also enjoy frolicking at night.
They may scratch around
their cages and make various
noises. They also visit the litter
box at night (if trained), groom
themselves and may be more
receptive to petting from

Prospective pet owners should be aware of these tendencies so they know what to expect from such pets.

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