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Serving up the holiday spirit with praises, love and music

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Happy Thanksgiving greetings and blessings to everyone! As the wind and snow continue to blow, I realized it is wintertime for real once again. The landscapes are shaded in black and white as I notice the beauty that Mother Nature has prepared for us.

It takes me about 10 minutes to get all bundled up as Bella waits patiently for me to take her for a winter walk. While in her deeply entrenched sniffing along the path, she manages to find some blades of green grass to nibble on. It is also nice to capture some cool fresh air that the snow brings that makes the earth seem pure for a moment.

As days go by and memories continue to gust in during this holiday season seems it seems like a perfect for time for remembering love, expressing love and being thankful for having love.


Have a lovely season and stay warm!

Thank you, Healthy for Life readers

There is so much information relating to living a healthy lifestyle that it may be overwhelming at times. Sometimes, I forget some of the information that I’ve written. When going back to read older articles, they are a good reminder that I need to be taking more of my own advice. It is important to shine the light and listen to one’s self to figure out what you may need. Also, I realized that to be healthy you shouldn’t be constantly obsessing about your problems or difficulties.

It has been wonderful to see people in the community making healthier strides within their selves, families, work and our environment in general. There will always be room for improvements, but be sure to check in once in a while to be thankful to what you already have. Let us try to embrace the Thanksgiving spirit by giving thanks every day. Thank you for your inspiration and support.

Thanksgiving blessings to you!

Music to enlighten your holiday spirit

Listening to holiday music has always magnified my holiday season spirit. It has been echoing in the streets, markets, television and on the radio to hopefully capture each listener’s heart.

The only song I knew growing up during Thanksgiving time is “Over the River and Through the Wood.” We used to go to my grandparents’ home for Thanksgiving when I was a kid. My great-grandfather Claude had raised turkeys on his farm. I recall one Thanksgiving dinner he had the biggest roast turkey I had ever seen.

I remember singing parts of the song around Thanksgiving and wished I had known the rest of the verses.

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“Over the River and Through the Wood” is a poem written by Lydia Maria Child, published in 1854. The original title was “The New-England Boy’s Song about Thanksgiving Day.” It has 12 stanzas. Some people sing “to Grandmother’s house we go,” but the author wrote about visiting her grandfather’s house. Some people fill in Christmas time as well, but the poem is mostly related to states that have snow at Thanksgiving. The composer of the tune is unknown.

Here are some of the lyrics if you wish to enliven and tune into the holiday spirit:

Over the river and through the wood, To Grandfather’s house we go; The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh Through the white and drifted snow.

Over the river and through the wood, To Grandfather’s house away! We would not stop for doll or top, For ‘tis Thanksgiving Day.

Over the river and through the wood, When Grandmother sees us come, She will say, “O dear the children are here, bring pie for everyone.”

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