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Welcome to this blessed, happy season of spring and Easter

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Happy hippity-hoppin’ springtime, everyone, as we celebrate a new season and the onset of Easter events. It is a most gracious time to experience the magnificent feeling of renewed spirit and energy that the holy spring season delivers. It’s wonderful to see so many people out and about walking and enjoying their presence with the earth while nature lavishes our senses and souls. It’s a perfect time to open hearts and rise to the occasion that April and Easter time are here!

The Easter Bunny

The first legend of the Easter Bunny is documented in the early 1500s and originated among the German Lutherans. The Easter Hare played the role of a judge to determine whether children were good or bad at the beginning of the season of Eastertide. The Easter Bunny brought a basket full of eggs or toys. Early Christians used the eggs to represent Jesus’ resurrection. The empty shell is a metaphor for Jesus’ tomb. Have a beautifully blessed Easter season and spring.



Burning 100 calories

Here are just a few everyday ways you are utilizing calories and may not know it:

• Picking up trash for 20 minutes

• Using 156 golf balls at six
putts per minute
• Writing with a pencil for 45
• Typing on a computer for 48
• Channel surfing for 68
• Getting up 60 times to turn
the channel
• Lifting up your toilet seat
3,740 times
• Raking leaves for just 20
• Pushing a grocery cart for
45 minutes

Sinus coping tips

Unseasonable humidity, high winds, dust, mold, and other environmental pollutants and allergens floating in the air can bring on some serious sinus issues. And if you’re fighting other immune deficiencies or interferences, it can really take your breath away and prevent you from staying and feeling well.

If you are suffering from sinus infection, be sure to eat light meals throughout the day and drink plenty of water. There are herbal teas that can help you breathe. Vegetable juices and broths with lots of veggies are great for healing. Add ginger, cayenne, onions, garlic, or horseradish to soup for help with sinus release. I can always tell a soup is good for me when I get a great nose blowing in after eating it!

You may want to avoid or limit mucus-forming foods: dairy products, eggs, refined flours, processed or fried foods, sugar, chocolate, certain fruits or fruit juices. Chronic sinus sufferers usually have too much yeast going on!

Spring skin cleaning

Shed those dry flakes and creases from the expressions left from the harsh cold and indoor heating that absorbs our moisture. Besides drinking plenty of water, eating your omegas, fresh fruits, and vegetables with whole grains keeps your skin happy and well nourished. Proper skin care according to your skin type is necessary for cleansing and moisturizing.

Other beneficial

skin tactics include:

• Exfoliation: This process can
help to shed off the old flakes.
It renews the skin, leaving
it smoother and softer. It is
best to do this once or twice
a week, depending on the
texture of your skin. Try mixing
oils such as olive or sesame
or coconut oil with fine granule
Dead Sea salts or raw sugar.
Loofa sponges and mitts are
good to use, too.
• Dry brushing: Do this before
bathing or taking a sauna.

Sauna brushes are great for brushing the skin upwards and towards the heart to eliminate dead skin cells while improving circulation. • Steam or sauna: These are excellent for opening and cleansing the pores and ridding the body of toxins. Rinse with cool water. • Lotions: Lubricate the body with lotions or oils that don’t contain harmful chemicals or clog the pores. • Massage and facials: These are great for relaxing any mind or body tensions, improving circulation, and releasing toxins. Get them professionally done or do it yourself.

Sun protection

It’s good to get some sun, but if you are in it for long periods of time or have had melanomas or skin cancer history it’s best to find safe ways to block the sun’s harmful rays. Look for sunscreens or sunblocks with safe ingredients. Be sure to occasionally check over your body for unusual spots or bumps.

Julie is a Healthy for Life advocate. If you have any questions or would like to share your inspirations or information, contact her at or write to her at Hometown Focus, 401 6th Ave. N. Virginia, MN 55792.

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