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Hooray to the Class of 2020, good mental health and Memorial Day



Salutations everyone! Since the changes began in some of our social settings, one of the first things that came to mind was the graduating class this year. How exciting it is to graduate. It is also an epic number of students graduating in the year 2020!

It must be disappointing not being able to do all the social events that happen during the senior year such as prom, commencement or celebrations. I don’t think that I would have missed my classes that much, except for choir with Mr. Groves. But I experienced the pure excitement of ending the 12th year of school.

It has been enlightening to see this year’s graduates getting creative and being acknowledged for their achievements. Just starting out in their new chapter of life, it might appear difficult to imagine any new possibilities and dreams for the wide world future. But today’s future does hold some definite guidelines as to what is really important and what to embrace as you venture out.

When starting out in college, my main class interests were sociology, English and psychology. It was hard for me to study, but with much motivation from my boyfriend at the time and my dad, I did it. I had wanted to get into social work, but my boyfriend told me that I wouldn’t make much money. Psychology seemed to be a subject that interested many people, but it had been said for many years that it would be a wasted degree. And today, as far as my English and writing, there seems to be fewer corrections with my spelling and grammar check. And having a good editor helps too!



Throughout my working life, I have tried many different passions and venues. I am still open and trying out new things, living out some old dreams and still have some left to dream.

Looking at where we appear to be now in the wide spectrum of life, what truly seems to be what we need the most? We need to know how to get knowledge that is backed up and based on proven truth and facts, plus receiving the information that we need to know. But one thing I know for sure, we all need good mental health to know how to make choices or to even make a choice that will reflect in a positive manner.

And we also need to know how to deal with those choices that might have negative consequences or disagreements that may cross your path. Not everyone may agree, but it is being open, seeing both sides and flexible to new ideas as well. We need individuals to keep us informed, healthy and safe to be able to enjoy life and be happy.

Sometimes we need people just to be there for us to listen or to help us get going in the right direction or simply just to let us be. God bless the Class of 2020, and to all the people who are helping us to make the future look brighter.

Be good to yourself and our lakes

We are now heading into Memorial Day

weekend. It is definitely lake time again, and I miss living near the water.

There are many considerations to take when being on the lake and now, due to COVID-19, even new things to consider. We definitely need to consider some major consequences and to still be cautious and keeping a distance around other people. Also, if we want to continue to enjoy our lakes and fish or eat fish, you may want to be aware to not use or put harmful chemicals, trash or waste in the lake.

In addition, be sure to clean off your boats or equipment from evasive species. Not only are our lakes true reflections of how we care for our environment, but they reflect how we care for ourselves. Thank you for your considerations and being safe.

Julie is a Healthy for Life advocate. If you have any questions or would like to share your inspirations or information, contact her at or write to her at Hometown Focus, 401 6th Ave. N. Virginia, MN 55792.

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