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Hello, everyone! Hopefully you are sensing the month of February as it paves the way toward warmer sunshine, lots of love, good health and brighter days ahead. With the current news of viruses out there, which may appear ferocious, it is important to be well-informed of the facts when it comes to maintaining overall wellness.

There are many friends and foes of your immune system and it is up to you to choose with which friends you want to play.

To continue to feel good and maintain a healthy, safe playground, here are a few resources of some common friends and enemies.

Common cold and flu enemies

• Not enough sleep. Find out what may
be the cause of your fatigue. This may help
you to eliminate or cut back on the negative
choices you are making that leave you feeling
• Lack of proper nutrients (not getting
enough vitamins and minerals). You may
want to find out what is or isn’t in your body,
foods and daily lifestyle that is prohibiting
efficient absorption. Some of them are listed
• Sugar. This is in a class all its own. And, just
because the label says organic, healthy, sugarfree or no sugar added, it still has and is sugar.
• Stress. It’s everywhere and you may not
even know that you have it, because you have
been friends with it for so long.



• Smoking, alcohol, caffeine and other drugs
that are prescription or recreational. Get tests
done to see what you may be lacking with
your body’s chemistry. You may be overutilizing these things because your body is lacking
something. Statistics has shown Minnesota is
one of the highest-rated states in alcohol binging. • Not enough exercise or too much physical
activity. Either one may be causing unhealthy
effects with your body.
• The devil. He likes playing with fire and
preys on the weak, and he doesn’t like playing
alone. Try to eliminate or let go of the constant negative people or things in your life.

Common immune-building friends

• Gratitude, prayer and meditation. Finding
time to build a stronger relationship and your
understanding with God can help to rejuvenate and strengthen all aspects of your life.
• Consume clean and organic foods full of
vitamins (A, Bs, C, E and D) as well as minerals such as zinc, selenium and calcium. Get to
know which food groups, vitamins and minerals work best with your body.
• Getting Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. These
are found in some fish, nuts and seeds.
• Lean proteins. Pick the ones that work well

with your body type and lifestyle.
• Adequate fiber that includes vegetables and
• Regular exercise. Try to plan out physical
activities that work best for your body and
schedule. Learning how to breathe, correct
posture and walking is a good start.
• Sleep well. Make it comfy and cozy, undress
the stress before you rest!
• Sunshine and light. Take advantage of fresh
air, sunlight and nature.
• Create your positive outlook on life. With
every negative thought and action you have,
replace it with something positive.
• Make time for relationships. Spend time
with friends or family. Figure out time to
spend with those who are a positive influence
or those who may need your help, but don’t
drain your energy.
• Be a good friend to yourself. Set positive
examples for yourself and others. This is how
you will find compatible people to play well
• Seek professional assistance if needed.
Try not to wait until the situation gets worse
before taking any action.

Common sense

• Keep it clean. Don’t get tired hearing

this advice: Wash your hands! If you are in
places where many people and children pass
through, such as schools or clinics, the germ
rate can be high. It also can be high in places
where people are sharing or eating foods. If
you or someone around you has been or is
sick try to keep the areas sanitized. This may
sound a tad anal, but here are a few things
you may consider cleaning: clothes, bedding, surfaces such as in the kitchen, handles,
doorknobs, remote control, phones, computer
keypads, office equipment, steering wheels,
toothbrush (get a new one or sanitize it),
shower or bathe before going to bed or when
you get home from work, school or the gym.
I see so many people leaving the gym without
washing their hands and who knows if people
wash their hands after using the restroom.
• Clean your produce. It may be coming from
a distance. Do we really know the history
behind our products?
• Cover your mouth. I see many people just
hacking away into the wild blue yonder. If you
need to sneeze or cough and you don’t have a
Kleenex or hanky handy, cough into your arm
or sleeve. If you cough or sneeze into your
hands, then it spreads on whatever you touch.
Wear a mask if need be.
• Stay at home, please, if you or your children
are ill or if you know you are starting to come
down with something. Thank you.
• See a health practitioner if what ails you
lingers on. Antibiotics don’t cure everything.
Colds and the flu will take their course regardless. It is up to you to take precautions and
actions to be aware of what’s best for you and
your environment.

Julie is a Healthy for Life advocate.

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