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Get the most out of the hot and sultry dog days of August



Hello out there! The month of August has arrived with all its end of summer vibes emitting many mixed thoughts. What I sense mostly is the toll the heat has taken on us and the environment with thirsty-looking leaves and sun-drenched skin.

Although I must say all the humidity helps to keep the skin lubricated, of which we were in desperate need of after some other previously alternate extreme weather.

My dog Bella is in full dog-day nap mode. For me, I am kind of following Bella’s idea of winding down and trying to take it a little easy. For many, it may be taking a summer vacation, getting ready for school, parents getting excited for kids going back to school, starting or finishing a project, working on the garden, making some goals or just taking it easy.

It has been wonderful to use Virginia Olcott Park this summer with the remake of the fountain and the other activities that have been happening throughout the season. It brings back many fond memories of hanging out watching the fountain, walking in the park or visiting the greenhouse with my childhood friends.



And now it has created new memories for many years to come. Thank you to everyone for all your help and support that contributed to making and keeping our park looking sparkling and green. My dog Bella would love it, but I understand not all dogs would serve it well. May the future hold a fenced-in dog park someplace in the city.

August is the perfect time to reconnect and get back in balance to fully enjoy the month’s offerings. Peace and prayers be with you always!

August fresh foods

Here are some seasonal fruits and vegetables that you may want to include on your menu: basil, apples, beets, cantaloupe and melons, cucumbers, garlic, leeks or onions, turnips and squash.

August calorie busters

This depends upon how much effort and vigor is implemented while doing activities. Based on a 150 pound person and in an hour.

• Cleaning house or a cabin in general:
about 220 calories
• Washing the car, windows or cleaning the
garage: 204 calories
• Dusting, straightening, changing bedding
or taking out the trash: 170 calories
• Doing the laundry while standing, putting
in washer or dryer, folding, hanging clothes
or packing a suitcase: 130 calories
• Rearranging furniture: 204 calories (No
wonder my mom was constantly doing this!)
• Sweeping: 112 calories
• Scrubbing the floors: 129 calories
• Mowing the lawn: 187 calories
• Gardening: 136 calories

• Raking: 146 calories
• Taking a nap: 0.42 calories. Eight hours of
rest would use up about 63 calories. Most
calories are used up in the REM (rapid eye
movement) stage of sleep.
Just writing about all the activities listed
above makes me want to take a nap! It is
vital to get quality rest and hydration.

Julie is a Healthy for Life advocate. If you are interested in a personalized fitness assessment or training, contact her at or write to her at Hometown Focus, 401 6th Ave. N., Virginia, MN 55792.

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