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Spring greetings as we enter new enlightenment upon the earth



Hello, sunshine! Good to see you coming around a little more often, adding warmth to my flesh and spirit. With more brightness to our eyes, sunglasses or hats may be a must to adjust to the spring sun with white snow reflection and any new environmental elements that may be blowing around.

As our minds begin to open up with the new season, may we see the possibilities to find peace and contentment wherever we may be planted.


Dear Sally,

There is not too much sympathy on my part that you would find it cozier to be sick in Minnesota, rather than in Florida, with bronchitis, laryngitis and a sprained ankle, especially after the two weeks I spent holed up sick with 20 – 50 below zero temps and no sunshine.

I have spent some winters in Florida sick and was thankful for the warmth, sunshine and saltwater ocean. I didn’t have a sprained ankle, but I can imagine it would have been difficult for you to hobble around in our freezing, blowing and icy Minnesota snow land. My suggestion to you is that you may want to sit in the warmer sun. After all, isn’t that why you are in Florida? I hope that you feel better soon. Love, Julie XO



Things to do in spring

• Get outside, sit in warm sun and breathe fresh air when you can. Let the fresh air inside on warmer days.

• Stay positive, begin with positive words
and thoughts upon awakening and retiring
for the evening. Hopefully this will keep the
positive vibes going all day.
• Think about gardening and planting if you
haven’t already. Hopefully our spring will be
on time. If not, grow some greens indoors.
• Revisit your New Year’s resolutions. If
they haven’t come into fruition yet, you may
want to revamp your game plan. Keep it
simple; take a small step out of your comfy

Beneficial words

Many words pertaining to a person’s state of well-being can be conceived as making a negative impact in obtaining an ongoing “healthy” way of life. Much has to do with a lot of product labeling that hasn’t been keeping up with what is actually a “healthy” standard or listing of all the ingredients and by-products. Other words such

as natural, sugar-free, diet-free and organic, to name a few, have been compromised and are misleading.

Another word that may be projected negatively is the word “diet.” It ended up in my last column somehow, when I was suggesting the amazing benefits of celery and cabbage, and they were suggested to be included in your diet. Cabbage and celery are foods that I would include consistently throughout my food choices for life—that is, unless they made me sick.

When looking at including foods to your menu and calling it a diet may deter many from wanting to keep making consistently good food choices. Most diets have been proven to be fleeting and may be a temporary fix for some that have restrictions due to serious health ailments or weight issues.

The word diet has been around since hearing about them since I was a young girl in the 70s. There are so many diets and some of them may work for you, but most of them are short-lived and not for everyone. Do you want to be on a lifelong diet?

The words “lose weight” may also activate negativity for a person who may be struggling or has continued to struggle over a long period of time. “Exercise” may be another deterring word in which I have used many times out of habit but try to use other fewer overused words. Finding the right words and conscious choices to keep us moving forward in a well-balanced direction may take us a lifetime to figure out, but we are working on it, right?

Beneficial perspective

Here are several suggestions that may help you create and keep a positive perspective.

• Check in on your spiritual, emotional
mind and body state. What you feel needs
the most attention and will keep you positive and motivated.
• Choose cleaner food ingredients with no
added processed ingredients.
• Find processed items that contain four
or less ingredients, no added sugars, oils,
chemicals or words you don’t know. Watch
out for too much dairy, processed fats and
sugars. Find out where and how they have
been processed.
• Pay attention to your physical movement
and activities. How long have you been doing them and are they working for your best
• Be social. Find life’s God-given beauty
and enjoyment.
• Reach out! Look, listen and learn.

Julie is a Healthy for Life advocate.

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