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It’s April! Acknowledging spring in the air with awareness and appreciation



A loha to everyone! Hopefully most people are attentively trying to stay attuned to an awe-inspiring spring season. With the cold and the wind it has been a tad challenging to get outside. But come to think of it, isn’t it usually a challenge all year long? It seems so when being able to recognize and capture the perfect or semiperfect times to go outside. T he beginning of the season can be filled with many challenges, such as with our air quality. There are multitudes of pollutants creating much dust and dander making it difficult to breathe. This can lead to lung, allergy or skin issues, to name a few. So it is important to keep your environment inside and outside, body and spirit, prepared for the new season. H ere are a few suggestions, if you care to be open to them. I say this only because I wonder how many people actually are concerned about making better choices for themselves or with the environment. And, if they are able to, want it to be is another issue. This is contended with at all levels of our civilization. I t’s springtime and it looks like I opened a big can of worms and I am praying that they can healthily perform their tasks as well! Earth Day is approaching, and I thank you for recognizing this notable day as well as our precious spring season.



Keeping your immune system healthy should be a priority

T he sunshine spurs motivation and

energy as well as providing much needed vitamin D. Keep healthy by knowing which vitamins and minerals your body may be lacking in and preparing foods such as fruits and vegetables that agree with your body. How can better choices and decisions be made if we aren’t treating our body right? Decisions rule our world.

Drinking and bathing in pure water

Good luck and Godspeed that we have safe water to drink and bathe in. I trust that there are new safer and healthier ways being made available for everyone to help keep our water safe and flowing. Water is a heartbeat to our survival.

Exfoliating your body and mind

A t this time of year when our skin as well as our minds may be getting tired of the cold or dry from indoor heat, shedding old skin and thoughts are most vital when beginning a new season.

• Be sure to gently exfoliate your skin.
We shed a lot of old skin cells every
day. There are methods to help shed

old skin cells but you may want to do
so according to your skin type and age.
If you have dryer or more mature skin
you may not want to exfoliate that often.
Exfoliation can be done with dry brush –
ing, loofah sponges or cloths. Also using
natural products mixed with sugars,
clays, salts and oils can help. Skin is the
gateway to your body.
• I am going to say it again; breathing
and meditation helps to clear negative thoughts. Choose positive affirmations to replace negative or obsessive
thoughts. Say them out loud or write
them down. Breathing and clearing the
mind is a gateway to healing.

Try to keep the area in and around your home and business safe and clean

Getting fresh pure air indoors as well as outdoors is important. Dusting and cleaning with safe products for ourselves and our environment are huge. I don’t think a majority of people realize the harmful effects that certain chemicals in cleaners, fertilizers, foods and water have and how much that has affected our well-being and planet. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. I didn’t make this idiom up, but I appreciate that you may sense its ancient spiritual value!

Julie is a Healthy for Life advocate.

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