Grants help address community housing concerns

IRON RANGE — The communities of Aitkin, Cherry, Grand Rapids, McKinley, Tower and Virginia were awarded grants by Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation for removal of 10 blighted residential structures this fall and winter.

Local governments are often presented with the financial challenge of removing abandoned, dilapidated or burned structures. For over 35 years, the agency’s Residential Redevelopment program has provided funding to demolish dilapidated residential structures to pave the way for a cleaner, healthier environment, more attractive communities and new construction.

Last fiscal year 12 local communities received grants to demolish 57 dilapidated residential structures. Grants may be awarded to cities, townships, counties and tribal units of government to demolish single-unit residential homes, residential duplex homes of no more than two units, garages and accessory structures. Grant money is still available to communities this fiscal year. For details, email Danae Beaudette at Danae. or call her at 218-735-3022.

Learn more about the Residential Redevelopment program at https:// communityprograms/ residential-redevelopment. jsp.

Source: The Ranger, a publication of Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation.

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