Free yard signs support public safety personnel

HIBBING — Free yard signs showing support for first responders and law enforcement are available at Perrella & Associates and the Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce.

“It started because people I’ve talked to—businesses, friends, associates—got tired of people badmouthing the people risking their lives for us,” said owner and Realtor Greg Perrella. “The support has been phenomenal.”

Perrella says he and 30 other businesses and individuals have given away 2,600 signs as of September 22. The group has raised enough money to pay for billboards with the same message for a whole year. The yard signs are displayed as far away as Bigfork, and a Minneapolis resident recently requested a sign. Please call ahead (218-262-5582 for Perrella & Associates and 218-262-3895 for the Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce) before picking up signs.

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