Find out if homeowners insurance covers animal damage

Pet owners who arrive home to discover that their pet has caused damage to their domiciles may wonder if that is covered by their homeowners insurance policies.

Allstate insurance states that homeowners insurance typically does not cover damage inflicted by pets on personal property or the dwelling itself. This also applies to domestic farm pets, as would be the case if a goat or ewe broke fence posts or the barn door.

The cost for replacement or repairs for pet-related accidents is the pet owner’s responsibility. However, the liability protection provided with most standard homeowners policies may offer coverage if your pet damages someone else’s property, such as if your puppy chews up the moldings while a neighbor is pet-sitting.

It is always important to review and discuss policy coverage with an insurance agent to learn what level of protection you have. In addition, quality crates and/ or fencing can help keep mischievous pets out of trouble and reduce damage in and around the house.

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