Disability support professionals honored

More than 100,000 Minnesota workers to receive ARRM Cares award

The nonprofit organization ARRM has announced that it is awarding its annual ARRM Cares Award to all Minnesota direct support professionals (DSPs) this year. This recognition honors the more than 100,000 disability support professionals in Minnesota for their outstanding work, resilience and dedication in helping Minnesotans with disabilities live their best lives amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

DSPs work in residential group homes, individual homes and other settings to provide vital care for people with disabilities, performing everything from daily tasks like grooming to complex medical care. In 2020, the roles and responsibilities of a DSP have changed drastically. Many people with disabilities are at a higher risk of infection and severe illness. Not only are DSPs providing essential care, but they are also helping protect the people they serve from COVID-19.

“Direct support professionals are true frontline heroes during this pandemic, working around the clock to support the health and safety of Minnesotans with disabilities.

But the contributions these humble heroes make are too often overlooked,” said Sue Schettle, CEO of ARRM. “We want to recognize each and every DSP in Minnesota, because each and every one of them has made tremendous sacrifices to serve people with disabilities during COVID-19.”

ARRM is a nonprofit association of more than 200 disability services providers, businesses and advocates in Minnesota. In a typical year, the award goes to six different DSPs across the state.

About ARRM

ARRM is a nonprofit association of more than 200 providers, businesses and advocates dedicated to leading the advancement of home and community-based services that support people living with disabilities in their pursuit of meaningful lives. Founded in 1970, ARRM continues to lead positive industry reforms that support Minnesotans with disabilities. Learn more at www.ARRM. org.

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