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I’m kind of all over the coaching map these days. Ice sports are winding down, snow sports are going full bore, and wheeled sports are getting underway. And then there are the usual group conditioning and one-on-one training activities to round things out.

It’s a busy time, which can limit the amount of deliberation I invest in a particular notion. That said, I’m wondering about those of you who acknowledge the need to eat better, work out or whatever, yet haven’t taken any steps to address that identified need. What’s the hold up?

You know who you are. Have you thought something like, “I’ll start to eat better and/or work out on a specific date in the future.” I’m talking to you. Why not just start? It’s probably not going to be a straight line to success anyway.

Statistically speaking, it rarely is. We win some, and we often lose some.

The key is to get started and keep plugging away.

Obviously, this isn’t any groundbreaking research we’re talking about. It’s just common sense. Get started. Win some. Lose some. Keep going.

For many of us, we’re merely procrastinating. Putting off for later (much later) what we should have done some time ago. Why is that? You pay a price for the delay. Our quality of life is lessened if we’re overweight or out of shape.

Sometimes, procrastination is merely a manifestation of fear: fear of failure. Let me assure you, we all fail. Just take that first step. Then the next.

For others, there are specific causes for delaying. I think it reasonable to delay for medical reasons. On the other hand, I don’t believe you should allow your lifestyle to delay you from creating positive changes. The price you ultimately pay seems too high to me.

And, for a few, the impeding factor are those around you. An extension of lifestyle—it can be threatening to some when people in their personal networks make positive changes. They may work against your interests in trying to sidetrack you from making positive changes. You need to determine how you feel about that.

Personally, while I remain tolerant, if not supportive, of others’ less than positive choices, I will not accept outside interference in my progress. My success or failure is on me. Nobody else.

So, again, what is your hold up? Are you a procrastinator? Do you have a medical reason to delay? Or is there someone actively inhibiting your progress? Figure it out. Make a plan. And get started. You only hurt yourself by not getting to it.

And getting started can be as simple as regularly getting enough sleep. And eating whole foods. And getting more active. And being more social.

So, get out there and play! Consult with your healthcare professional before starting any weight loss or exercise program.

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