Candidate statement: Joni Dahl for Gilbert City Council

Joni Dahl

Joni Dahl

Growing up in the Genoa Location of Gilbert I was oblivious to city politics, city regulations, or importance of city policy. Being of the generation strongly encouraged to leave the Iron Range for a formal degree and any job not in a mine, I left upon graduation. Only after establishing a career and moving across the country did I realize how special the Iron Range is and the opportunities that lie within—I moved home, literally.

Besides working fulltime as the material manager with Iracore International and part time as a waitress, my community involvements include: secretary for the Iron Range Racing Association, first vice chair for the Hibbing Chamber of Commerce, and executive board member for Better in Our Back Yard. I hold a BS in business from the University of Wisconsin Stout, a MS in integrated supply chain from the University of Wisconsin Platteville, and multiple APICS certifications.

My household consists of myself and dog Lemminkainen (Lemmi). Our time is spent enjoying nature that is so easily accessible from the house. Along with my boyfriend, my dog and I run trails, kayak, hunt, fish, and ATV developing trail systems. It didn’t take long living off of the Range to appreciate how diverse, clean, and accessible our natural resources truly are. Gilbert is a city with community pride, low crime, recreation infrastructure, and a hard work attitude in the heart of the Iron Range. This is why I chose to live in Gilbert.

As I began asking questions to understand my water bill, it became apparent that a.) I am not the only citizen that does not have or know how to find pertinent information b.) there are far more things happening that will affect me that I need to be actively engaged in. Naiveté is not an acceptable excuse. I was naïve to the challenges facing Gilbert. It is my belief that we are foremost accountable for ourselves financially, ethically, morally, and inspirationally. For this accountability we are better community members to which we contribute more to our neighbors and fellow citizens. The attitude we find surrounding us is largely determined by the attitude we put forth; likewise, for energy. This mindset is what drives me to engage in Gilbert politics.

My intent is to become an informed citizen, to leverage experience for strategic city decisions, and to establish a long-range plan for Gilbert. Without vision for the future, there is no organization to the path which we move. I envision a future for Gilbert which includes businesses flourishing and Gilbert being discussed as a crown jewel community. Today, the challenges facing our community are costly, fiscal resources are strained, community engagement is low, the trajectory is disparaging. Though I do not have every solution, I do hold hope, enthusiasm, and an open mind. Building a path to a vibrant future for Gilbert is my main priority.

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