Brandi Lautigar: Rock Ridge School Board candidate

Brandi Lautigar

Brandi Lautigar

I am running for a second term on the Rock Ridge School Board representing the previous Eveleth-Gilbert School District. There are many great options for candidates for the Rock Ridge School Board but I intend to share with you why I feel I stand out above the rest.

Advocacy, collaboration and leadership is what I stood for when elected in 2016 and what continues to be my driving force today. Below is how I have followed through on my word as your current school board member.

Advocacy: One of the things I am most proud of as a result of my time on the board is that students reach out to me to advocate for what they believe in. That makes me proud not just because they trust me to advocate for them but because I get to see their independence and leadership in its truest form. In addition, I have the support of many school staff because I value and support them not just with words but with actions. I treat them with respect and listen to their ideas/concerns. As a person currently working in education, I believe I have a perspective and understanding that other candidates don’t.

Collaboration: I have collaborated, open-mindedly and respectfully, with community members, school staff, and fellow board members from both districts to work together as a team to advance our district. I’ve taken school board calls and messages from citizens at all hours including 6 a.m. and even midnight because I value the input of our citizens. However, I have learned to set appropriate time boundaries as I am still a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, employee, and graduate student. I have also been transparent and post frequently on my school board Facebook page the dates, times, and agendas for most meetings to involve the public to the best of my abilities.

Leadership: Other than wanting to be involved in the decisions that were impacting youth, I also saw things I didn’t agree with when I ran for my seat in 2016. Instead of complaining and waiting for someone else to make the changes, I stepped up to be a part of the solution and am doing so again in seeking a second term. I support the Rock Ridge School District, administration, staff, and school board with the direction we are heading with education. It is my opinion that the majority voted for collaboration and consolidation for the educational opportunities it presented for our students. I want to see that through. There are exciting opportunities on the horizon for our students but the reality is there are going to be bumps in the road. Together, we will ride them out.

If I sound like a candidate you could stand behind, check the box to re-elect Brandi Lautigar for the Eveleth-Gilbert seat on the Rock Ridge School Board on November 3. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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