BogDiversity!” is topic on July 16

Northwoods Nature Phenology in Eveleth

EVELETH — The next Northwoods Nature Phenology Series at the Eveleth Public Library will be held on Tuesday, July 16, from 3:30 – 5 p.m. Clinton Nienhaus, head naturalist with Friends of the Sax- Zim Bog, will present “BogDiversity!” The program will take place in the downstairs meeting room at the Eveleth Public Library located at 614 Pierce St. in Eveleth. For more information, call the library at 218-744-7499.

The Sax-Zim Bog is well known as a winter birding location, but many are less familiar with the summer months in the bog. Folks from around the world come to the Sax-Zim Bog from December to March to see great gray owls, blackbacked woodpeckers, Canada jays, and boreal chickadees, but these species can be found in the summer as well.

Summer diversity in the bog includes about 20 or so nesting species of warbler, 16 species of orchid, 55 species of butterfly, 77 species of dragonfly and damselfly, and much more. This program will highlight the species diversity of the Sax- Zim Bog Important Bird Area across the 147,000 acres it spans, as well as introduce the Friends of Sax-Zim Bog and their work supporting, promoting and protecting the Sax-Zim Bog Important Bird Area.

An Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) is an area identified using an internationally agreed set of criteria as being globally important for the conservation of bird populations.

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