AKC awards junior versatility scholarships



The American Kennel Club (AKC), the world’s largest purebred dog registry and advocate for all dogs, recently announced the recipients of the 2020 junior versatility scholarships. The scholarships are offered by Carolyn and Gary Koch and the AKC Juniors Department.

The AKC awarded the AKC junior versatility scholarships to the top five juniors who competed in a minimum of three different competitive AKC events, including the virtual rally, agility course test and trick dog that were offered. The dates of competition were July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020.

The program is designed to recognize juniors who participate in a variety of sports. Juniors are awarded points for event participation, earning qualifying scores or placements, and earning titles in AKC events. The top five juniors receive scholarships. The first, second and third place scholarships are offered via a donation by Carolyn and Gary Koch in memory of GCHP Hill Country’s Let’s Get Ready to Rumble. Fourth and fifth place scholarships are offered by the AKC Juniors Department.



“It is our pleasure to recognize these standout junior handlers who participate in various AKC sports,” said Doug Ljungren, executive vice president of AKC sports and events. “The hard work, dedication and passion for dogs that they have shown is outstanding. We are happy to acknowledge their accomplishments and look forward to seeing them continue in dog sports.”

2020 winners

First place: David Frasca from Weldon Springs, Missouri. David competed in agility, obedience, and rally with a border collie, golden retriever and a standard schnauzer. He will receive a $2,500 scholarship.

Second place: Jada Sawhney, from Punto Gorda, Florida. Jada competed in agility, obedience, rally, junior showmanship and trick dog with her golden retrievers. She will receive a $1,500 scholarship.

Third place: Amelia Greninger from Buffalo, Minnesota. Amelia competed in agility and rally with her golden retrievers and in scent work with her Belgian Malinois. She will receive a $1,000 Scholarship.

Fourth place: Ella Palutis from Wentzville, Missouri. Ella competed in agility, obedience and rally with her Australian shepherd and border collie. She will receive a $500 scholarship.

Fifth place: Shannon Piquet, from Pinellas Park, Florida. Shannon participated in junior showmanship, obedience, and rally with her beagle and rat terrier. She will receive a $500 scholarship.

Sixth place: Lily Bennett, from Orangevale, California. Lily competed in junior showmanship, fast cat and farm dog certified with her Cirneco dell’ Etna and miniature American shepherd.

Seventh place: Alyssa Lanier, from Ocklawaha, Florida. Alyssa competed in agility, junior showmanship, obedience, rally and trick dog with her All-American dog, Russell terrier, and Parson Russell terrier.

Eighth place: Burlynne Mejeris, top junior in obedience, from Old Town, Florida. In addition to obedience, Burlynne competed in fast cat, junior showmanship and rally with her Australian shepherds.

Ninth place: Alec Clark, from Nicholasville, Kentucky, competed in junior showmanship, obedience and rally with his vizsla, English springer spaniel and beagle.

Tenth place: Ava Harta from Menifee, California. Ava competed in junior showmanship, obedience, rally and trick dog with her dachshund and her flat coated retriever.

To learn more about the junior recognition program, visit www.akc.org/sports/ conformation/junior-showmanship/juniorrecognition program.

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