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Jean Cole, Editor

2016-05-27 / Health

Sixteen thousand Minnesotans suffer their first heart attack or stroke every year. That’s just one reason why Fairview Mesaba Clinics, Essentia Health and St. More...

2016-06-24 / Features

AURORA – We were all saddened by the loss of the Aurora Drug & Variety store and Zup’s Food Market and although we still feel the loss of them, we do have reason to be hopeful with the addition of two new businesses and one, Northern More...

2016-06-10 / Range History
The Y: Memories of my grandparents’ store

It was the 1950s and just about every Sunday, when my brother Bob, sister Kathy and I were growing up, we would head north with our parents to Tower for dinner at grandma and grandpa’s house. More...

2016-03-25 / Features

What is it about beads that intrigue us? They sparkle and glitter in an array of finishes, colors, textures and just call to us to pick them up and create all sorts of beautiful objects. More...

2016-05-27 / Mining Features

Since our last Mining Edition, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) on March 3 validated the environmental review for PolyMet’s NorthMet project. More...

2010-07-30 / Features

Maybe you’ll remember the Iron Range schools of the 50’s; maybe not. More...

2014-09-19 / Range History
The birthplace of crime fiction writer Frank Gruber and Schneiderman’s Furniture

In 1922 a two-room school was built by the WPA on a side road running between what is now Highway 5 and Elmer Road. It became a part of the St. Louis County Schools. Grades 1 – 8 attended the Elmer School. More...

2016-05-27 / Mining Features

So, I’ve got mining on my mind the last few weeks, since I’ve been working on this Mining Edition. Then last Sunday, May 15, we’re watching CNN’s Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown and where is the guy this time? Butte, Montana. More...

2016-05-27 / Mining Features

PolyMet Mining Corp. reported in April that it has filed its financial results for the year ended January 31, 2016. More...

2016-06-03 / Pets
Event raises funds for law enforcement K-9 teams

Over the last year, law enforcement K-9s in our region have helped apprehend convicted felons wanted for serious crimes, and to find and rescue missing, vulnerable citizens. More...

2016-05-27 / Mining Features
HTF Contributor

Budapest is alluring and kind of mysterious. More...

2016-05-20 / Features

VIRGINIA – Phenomenal growth in both membership and sales has led Natural Harvest Food Co-op in Virginia to the decision to relocate and expand their operations. More...

2012-01-20 / Hometown Recipes

Have your Buffalo Wings become too boring and predictable? Has that ranch dip lost its allure? Shake up your Super Bowl playoff roster with these deliciously different chicken wing recipes. More...

2016-06-03 / Features
Rock ‘n’ Roll Hootenanny Tribute Show

“Bow down to her on Sunday, salute More...

2016-06-03 / Features

TOWER – Paul Metsa, whom the Huffington Post referred to as “the other great folksinger from the Mesabi Iron Range,” returns home with a smart, six-piece band for a special Bob Dylan 75th Birthday Acoustic Musical Salute and three-c More...

2012-09-28 / Massage for Your Health
Massage for your health & wellness

A client of mine recently informed me that she has polymyalgia, which I had never heard of before. I was only familiar with fibromyalgia. In fact, my client believes she has both conditions. More...

2010-09-17 / Legally Speaking

The next time you are cross examining a witness, you may want to remember the four fundamental points you need to either bolster or discredit depending on the issues of your case. More...

2016-06-03 / Features

AURORA – She quietly flits around Mesabi East doing all the magical little things that computer technicians do. You know... all those things that make technology perform better while keeping us technologically-challenged people happy. More...

2013-07-26 / Massage for Your Health

In my last article I shared some interesting facts about massage in the U.S. In this article I am going to talk about current massage regulations in Minnesota and what the future plans are for us here. There are now 44 states that are regulated. More...

2016-06-03 / Features

Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. has entered into a new long-term commercial agreement with ArcelorMittal USA to supply tailor-made iron ore pellets for the next 10 years through 2026. More...

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