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Jean Cole, Editor

2014-06-27 / Features

AURORA July 2-4 Freedom Fete 4th of July Celebration. Aurora celebrates the 4th of July with a traditional parade, fireworks, pig roast, pie eating contest, kids’ carnival games and numerous community events More...

2010-07-30 / Features

Maybe you’ll remember the Iron Range schools of the 50’s; maybe not. More...

2013-07-26 / Massage for Your Health

In my last article I shared some interesting facts about massage in the U.S. In this article I am going to talk about current massage regulations in Minnesota and what the future plans are for us here. There are now 44 states that are regulated. More...

2012-08-03 / Hometown Recipes

Shirley and I have been together for 50 years. During that time, it is safe to say that we have made BBQ ribs (in the oven, not the grill) at least six times every year - most of the time with the same sauce recipe. More...

2014-06-27 / Range History

The Duluth, Virginia and Rainy Lake Railway (DV&RL) started construction at Virginia, Minnesota in 1901, with the line extending north to Sand Lake, Minnesota when the company was purchased by the Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR) who renamed it t More...

2014-07-18 / Features

I have always been fascinated by our state bird, the Common Loon, and always enjoyed seeing them by the dock or coming up by the boat, in my growing up years and during family weekends at the cabin. More...

2013-11-15 / Features

There are an estimated 26.1 million homes with on-site septic systems in the USA. Minnesota has 535,000 homes with septic systems. St. Louis County has an estimated 38,000. More...

2014-07-18 / Guest Columnists

Power surges occur when power companies switch from one power grid location to another due to changing power demands. Power outages can also cause problems. More...

2012-03-22 / Features

You might not know what they are called, but I’m sure you have seen these flies in your house throughout winter on days when the outdoor temperature warms a bit. More...

2012-09-28 / Massage for Your Health
Massage for your health & wellness

A client of mine recently informed me that she has polymyalgia, which I had never heard of before. I was only familiar with fibromyalgia. In fact, my client believes she has both conditions. More...

2011-07-01 / Features

Saturday, July 2 11 a.m. - Flotilla on Vermilion,Bay View Lodge8 p.m. to midnight - Gilbert Street DanceEvening - Keewatin Street Dance(fireworks at dusk) Sunday, July 3 More...

2011-09-09 / Features

ELY - An extraordinary journey for 78-yearold Inda Lou Schell - a year-long excursion across America, spending a month in every city featured in Charles Kuralt’s book “America” - began on January 1, 2011. More...

2014-07-04 / Guest Columnists

The Iron Range’s rich history of giving rise to world class performers can be traced back through several generations, and if asked to come up with the name of a favorite local band OR to identify a native of Northeastern Minnesota who succeede More...

2014-06-20 / Features

Last summer, I accepted a job offer to do homeless outreach at Range Mental Health Center (RMHC) in Virginia. I was excited and nervous, but most of all intrigued by this new experience I was undertaking. More...

2010-06-18 / Features
2010 CalenDar of Events

Northern Lights Music Festival • July 1-17 An intensive classical music performance program for pianists and string players, presented by an internationally renowned faculty. More...

2010-11-19 / Features
A slavic Iron Range cure for what ails you

Artemisia, also known as wormwood, is a plant familiar to gardeners as a perennial that is commonly used in gardens for it’s silvery foliage. It comes in numerous varieties, some of which dominate the landscape of the American west. More...

2010-06-25 / Features
Carrying on a tradition

I did the Eveleth Clown Band groupie thing after the Land of the Loon parade in Virginia last weekend. I followed them around as they went “barnstorming” main street bars – Sports Page, Virginia Servicemen’s Club, Flaimer’s, Popper’s. More...

2014-06-27 / Features
Operas | Chamber & Orchestra Concerts | International Artists | Brilliant Students

AURORA - For classical music lovers, this is the best three weeks of the summer on the Iron Range. More...

2014-06-20 / Focus On Veterans

Both House and Senate bills would allow veterans to seek private care if they reside more than 40 miles from a VA hospital or clinic, or if they are experiencing excessively long waits for primary care appointments. More...

2014-06-27 / Sallyworld
Confessions of a mini-soap, mini-sewing kit, shower cap, and butter-swiper

Greetings & Sallytations! More...

2014-06-20 / Features
Young juvenile arthritis sufferer shares her hope for a cure

My name is Ivy Robb. I’m fourteen years old. When I was only two, my right knee swelled up to the size of a grapefruit. When my parents took me to the pediatrician, they were told I had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA). More...

2014-07-11 / Features

I am only a few days away from beginning my 11th Habitat 500 bike ride - a bike ride fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. The Habitat 500 involves riding 500 miles in 7 days in the middle of July. More...

2014-07-11 / Features

The Vermilion Range Old Settlers Association was begun by the former Oliver Iron Mining Company as a day for the miners and their families to gather for a picnic and activities. This year marks the group’s 100th celebration. More...

2014-07-11 / Sallyworld
4th of July weekend report: long lines, farm fresh eggs, and a crockpot

Greetings & Sallytations! So, there I was in a small town grocery store in a tourist town over the 4th of July weekend. I grabbed my small basket and just needed a few items, onions, brownie mix, pop, cheese, sausage. More...

2014-07-04 / Business

DULUTH – Honoring outstanding service to rural Minnesota communities, the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Rural Health Association presented this year’s "Rural Health Hero" and "Rural Health Team" awards at the Minnesota More...

2014-07-04 / Features
Definitely made in the U.S.A.

Glen Anderson of Perham, MN, sent my husband Tom a 48-star U.S. flag a while back. “What the heck?” Tom said as he opened the package. Inside was an old, slightly musty-smelling American flag. More...

2014-07-11 / Pets

Just a few years ago, we’d have been astonished to see someone walking a dog down a hospital corridor. However, as with most things, circumstances regarding animals and those who are ill or injured have changed. More...

2014-06-27 / News Briefs

VIRGINIA – Lieutenants Sean and Christina Wise are the new commanding officers of The Salvation Army Virginia, MN Corps as of June 24, 2014. More...

2014-07-11 / News Briefs

GILBERT, Minn.—Twelve members of WellPoint’s Dental business management team in Gilbert recently graduated from a yearlong “Mini-MBA” training program. More...

2014-07-18 / News Briefs

MESABI TRAIL – The Great River Energy Mesabi Trail Tour ‘14 event will take place on Saturday, Aug. 2. Each year the tour changes routes to showcase different portions of the trail and Mesabi Trail towns. More...

2014-04-04 / Features

I’m excited! My birthday is approaching and I will be seventy. My mother began having labor pains the day before Easter. She was in the midst of making a lemon meringue pie for the holiday. More...

2014-07-18 / Pets
New legal protection for dogs and cats enacted in MN

ST. PAUL – New state regulations to protect the health and safety of dogs and cats took effect Tuesday, July 1, 2014. More...

2014-07-18 / News Briefs

A primary election will be held in Minnesota on August 12, 2014. A primary election gives voters a chance to decide which candidates will represent their political party in the November general election. More...

2014-07-18 / Range History

Bob Keith (of Makinen, formerly of Virginia, MN) contacted me after reading Bob Hansen’s memoirs of his career in railroading (HTF, June 27 and July 4, 2014t). More...

2014-06-20 / Features

For a variety of reasons, the unique flavor and feel of Ely, Minnesota present an irresistible draw for creative people from all walks of life. More...

2014-07-04 / Features
Granite and Stone I Kandi and Mark Sutich, Virginia

“Surround yourself with positive people and never ever, ever, ever give up on your dreams and goals.” That’s the advice for aspiring entrepreneurs offered by Mark and Kandi Sutich, owners of Laurentian Monument, Granite and Stone (L More...

2014-07-18 / Sallyworld
Kids, clothespins, and getting older: ’tis a challenge!

Greetings & Sallytations! More...

2014-07-18 / Hometown Recipes

Phew! I made it through the Fourth of July with my son, his wife, and four boys (6-16) and had a great time. Then, of course, the Hibbing All-Class Reunion. The committee did a tremendous job of organizing a very large event. More...

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