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Jean Cole, Editor

2010-07-30 / Features

Maybe you’ll remember the Iron Range schools of the 50’s; maybe not. More...

2015-07-31 / Health Features
Do fragrances and scented products make you sick?

AURORA - Perfume. Scented baby diapers. Laundry products. Candles. Air fresheners. Other people’s joys, my nemeses. These are just some of the items that I need to avoid in the stores or risk becoming sick. More...

2014-06-06 / Range History

One of the enduring images from World War II is the face of the GI in the surf on the Normandy beachhead, frozen for all time in the photograph taken by Life Magazine’s Robert Capa. More...

2012-09-28 / Massage for Your Health
Massage for your health & wellness

A client of mine recently informed me that she has polymyalgia, which I had never heard of before. I was only familiar with fibromyalgia. In fact, my client believes she has both conditions. More...

2015-08-21 / Features
Don’t let a little thing like a stutter hamper your dreams

When I was seven years old my parents took me to the University Of Minnesota to determine why I stuttered. The doctors gave me countless mental and physical tests. They had no clue. More...

2015-08-21 / Features

Dear Readers, Back-to-School time is nigh, and my editor’s mind is in that mode. Therefore, today I am sharing some historical information pertaining to education – trivial stuff most people don’t spend a minute worrying about. More...

2015-08-07 / Features

Why is it so hard to break a habit or change a behavior? Chances are, you’re experiencing a battle between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious part of our mind houses logic, rational decision-making, and willpower. More...

2013-07-26 / Massage for Your Health

In my last article I shared some interesting facts about massage in the U.S. In this article I am going to talk about current massage regulations in Minnesota and what the future plans are for us here. There are now 44 states that are regulated. More...

2015-08-14 / Features

GILBERT – A pair of winter gloves and a moment’s inattention around farm equipment nearly cost Justin Kunnari his right arm. On May 13, Kunnari was doing the usual spring chores in his family’s strawberry fields near Gilbert. More...

2015-08-28 / Features

Thousands of United Steelworkers and their supporters walked and rallied in Virginia, Minnesota on Thursday, August 20. The event was in support of union members currently in negotiations with U.S. More...

2015-08-14 / Features

When you hear of Lake Vermilion near Tower, Minnesota, the first thing that comes to mind is big muskies, and that is exactly what the anglers of the Professional Musky Tournament Trail ran into August 7-8. More...

2012-08-03 / Hometown Recipes

Shirley and I have been together for 50 years. During that time, it is safe to say that we have made BBQ ribs (in the oven, not the grill) at least six times every year - most of the time with the same sauce recipe. More...

2015-08-28 / Features

VIRGINIA – I am not sure if music has made the world go ‘round, but I know on the Iron Range, for more than 100 years it has made the Range move from side-to-side. More...

2015-08-21 / Features
Technical writing assignment has long-lasting community effect

AURORA – It certainly isn’t the nicest room in the building, nor is the warmest. The importance of it and the far-reaching effects of it are not known to most. More...

2015-08-28 / Features

VIRGINIA – The next time you reach into your medicine cabinet, consider taking time to clean out expired or unwanted prescription drugs and overthe counter medications. More...

2015-08-21 / Features

Last weekend the Virginia Rifle and Pistol Club hosted the 33rd annual Squinty Eye Western Cowboy Shoot. More...

2015-08-14 / Features

One of life’s greatest pleasures is attending a Virginia City Band concert at Olcott Park with Louise Grams. Her enthusiasm is contagious. During performances Louise grins from ear to ear, taps her foot, and sings along. More...

2012-03-22 / Features

You might not know what they are called, but I’m sure you have seen these flies in your house throughout winter on days when the outdoor temperature warms a bit. More...

2014-10-10 / Hometown Recipes

Editor’s Note: Because I had a craving for this dish, I decided to reprint this column from four years ago. I hope you enjoy it! – Jean Cole If not for Scott Wudinich of Eveleth I would not be writing about S.O.S. More...

2015-03-06 / Features

My curiosity about ginseng was piqued by the reality TV shows Appalachian Outlaws (History channel) and Smokey Mountain Money (National Geographic channel). More...

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