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Jean Cole, Editor

2014-04-04 / Features
The circle remains unbroken

I had the greatest Thanksgiving of my life this last November. I had driven up to Cook, MN to visit my dad, Elder Metsa, and share the day with him. More...

2014-04-04 / Features

My very first encounter with the Metsa family was many years ago as a very young child. More...

2012-03-22 / Features

You might not know what they are called, but I’m sure you have seen these flies in your house throughout winter on days when the outdoor temperature warms a bit. More...

2013-07-26 / Massage for Your Health

In my last article I shared some interesting facts about massage in the U.S. In this article I am going to talk about current massage regulations in Minnesota and what the future plans are for us here. There are now 44 states that are regulated. More...

2010-07-30 / Features

Maybe you’ll remember the Iron Range schools of the 50’s; maybe not. More...

2014-04-04 / Features
Their mission: To search, rescue and save lives

As if the -25 degree air temperature wasn’t brutal enough this past February 26, biting winds gusted at 30 miles an hour, making conditions feel far worse. With the sun already set, the blowing snow in the darkness was almost blinding. More...

2014-04-04 / Features

VIRGINIA – There are many reasons why a person decides to volunteer at Essentia Health-Virginia. Peggy Hellyer credits her husband’s kidney stones, which introduced her to the hospital’s care. More...

2012-08-03 / Hometown Recipes

Shirley and I have been together for 50 years. During that time, it is safe to say that we have made BBQ ribs (in the oven, not the grill) at least six times every year - most of the time with the same sauce recipe. More...

2012-09-28 / Massage for Your Health
Massage for your health & wellness

A client of mine recently informed me that she has polymyalgia, which I had never heard of before. I was only familiar with fibromyalgia. In fact, my client believes she has both conditions. More...

2014-03-21 / News Briefs

SAINT PAUL – This week the Minnesota Department of Commerce filed an order to show cause and statement of charges against Barbara Stark and Susan Walker, former Ameriprise Financial Services agents. More...

2014-04-18 / Features

Hybrid cars. LED lights. Solar panels. Wind turbines. All of the above are required for sustainable energy solutions. They also require a number of metals – metals that the proposed PolyMet project will responsibly and economically mine. More...

2014-04-04 / Guest Columnists

Is your internet slow? Are you having bandwidth issues? Below are some potential causes and some solutions. More...

2014-03-28 / Features

This morning it was 10 below 0 at our house. Officially, technically, it is the sixth day of spring. Winter, you can leave anytime now. Don’t take offense, winter, but you’ve overstayed your welcome. More...

2014-04-11 / Range History

Two men stretching their arms from hand to hand could not reach around the girth of some of them, those ancient white pines. More...

2014-04-18 / Features
A successful university-community partnership

While “Going Green” has become one of the most commonly used phrases of the decade, true sustainable development is not only about the environment, or the economy or the community, but all of the above and much more. More...

2014-03-28 / Health

Q: My dad has had Type 2 diabetes for about 10 years (he takes metformin) and was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. It’s localized, so they’re going to treat it with external beam radiation. More...

2014-04-18 / Features

Before the first shovel can dip into the ground for the first time, iron mining facilities undergo an extensive environmental permitting process that reviews and sets parameters on water use, wetland mitigation, dust control, erosion prevention, over More...

2014-04-11 / Sallyworld
The Minnesota Good-Bye takes the cake…or, the sandwich loaf

Greetings & Sallytations! Observations: Minnesotans have sometimes been noted for their “Minnesota Nice” attitude, a positive reputation. But, I think more than the Minnesota Nice reference, the “Minnesota Good-bye” tops alls. More...

2014-03-14 / Features
VHS to present spring musical

VIRGINIA - The Queen City set sail on an ocean liner last April when Virginia High School presented Cole Porter’s Anything Goes, the school’s first musical production in fifteen years. More...

2011-08-12 / Features
Open house slated for August 18

EVELETH - Range Mental Health Center, along with the city of Eveleth, is pleased to announce the opening of the Wellstone Center for Recovery, providing community based mental health crisis stabilization services. More...

2011-09-16 / Features

In 1901, William Harley drew plans for 116 cc small engine designed for use on a regular bicycle frame. Over the next two years, Harley and friend Arthur Davidson labored on the bike, finishing it with Walter Davidson’s help. More...

2014-03-28 / Features

Enjoy the indoor venue of the weekendlong Iron Range Home, Sport and Travel Show this weekend at the Miners Memorial Building in Virginia! With the winter-ish weather still lingering, what better to do that visit with friends – indoors! More...

2014-04-11 / News Briefs

VIRGINIA – Interim Provost Carol Helland appeared before the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities’ Board of Trustees in January 2014 to propose a name change for the college from Mesabi Range Community & Technical College to Mesa More...

2014-03-21 / Sallyworld
Goodwill garb for a 5-star restaurant, and oh, yeah, I GOT ENGAGED!!!

Greetings & Sallytations! More...

2014-04-18 / Range History

A s community and high school bands were a part of my growing up years in Buhl, I wanted to include them in the memoirs I was writing for my children. More...

2014-04-18 / Focus On Veterans

WASHINGTON – One year after the backlog of pending disability compensation claims peaked at over 611,000 in March 2013, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has reduced that number by approximately 44 percent to 344,000 claims – a redu More...

2014-04-18 / Guest Columnists

Check RAM for errors, and replace modules if needed. More...

2014-04-04 / Range History
Silent reminders of an earlier time are all around us

Dear readers, This week we’re taking a look at remains of the past – silent reminders from the early years of the Vermilion, Mesabi and Cuyuna ranges – that include prehistoric burial mounds at Esquagama More...

2014-03-28 / Hometown Recipes

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Minnesota’s Congressional Delegation came together earlier this month for U.S. Sen. Al Franken’s (D-Minn.) fourth annual hotdish competition. Sen. More...

2014-03-21 / Features
Annual Iron Range Home Show a harbinger of spring

VIRGINIA – Hometown Focus has participated in the annual Iron Range Home, Sport and Travel Show for several years. It’s a blast to visit with the hundreds of people who attend the event as well as the other exhibitors. More...

2014-03-21 / Guest Columnists

Despite a leg infection that sidelined him earlier in the year, Don Rickles is as feisty as ever. More...

2014-04-18 / Focus On Veterans

WASHINGTON- Veterans and active-duty military personnel with service-connected amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, are now presumed medically eligible for grants up to almost $68,000 to adapt their homes More...

2014-04-04 / Features

Iron Range residents have a strong tradition of participating in activities that will benefit their communities, and most folks see volunteering as a form of charity – purely based on one’s being unselfish. More...

2014-04-18 / Sallyworld
Spring = potholes and coffee spills

Greetings & Sallytations! More...

2014-04-18 / News Briefs

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Nolan recently announced a $355,005 grant Mesabi Range Community and Technical College.2011 – 2012 School Year More...

2014-03-28 / Features

If it were not for piles of books, during this recent cold spell, my wife and I would be divorced or have killed each other! Some of you with only a TV may not have been that lucky. More...

2014-04-11 / Features
Through the noose to Easter

The next day we decided to call her Lois. It was the Thursday before Saint Patrick’s Day. My family attended a performance of the traditional Irish music group Dervish at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis. More...

2014-01-03 / Range History
The glorious basketball season of 1955-56 in Aurora, MN

As everyone from a small town knows, when high schools meet in athletic competition it is really towns playing towns. More...

2014-03-21 / Features
A symbiotic partnership of youth and community

They visit the residents of our local nursing homes. They work for the libraries. They trim the grass around the gravestones. They paint hockey rinks. They pick up our litter. They tend community gardens. More...

2014-04-11 / Hometown Recipes

Florida! What a happy state I’m in – literally! My friends in Minnesota hang up on me when I call, but they will get over it. Three friends rented a cottage in John’s Pass and we call it our “Mama Mia Cottage.” More...

2014-04-04 / Hometown Recipes

My friend Cheryl Aluni of Virginia is a terrific cook. I have personally dined at Cheryl’s table many times and can attest to her talents. I always thought she could make a career of it! More...

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