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Jean Cole, Editor

2015-07-02 / Focus On Veterans
Social media scam targeting service members, veterans and their families

DO NOT provide your personal banking information through social media. More...

2015-06-12 / Features

The mysterious tale of Cats Under the Stars, called one of Minnesota’s Best Dressed Fishing Bands by the Ely Echo in the late 70’s, started innocently enough around a campfire at a “kegger” in the summer of 1973. More...

2012-09-28 / Massage for Your Health
Massage for your health & wellness

A client of mine recently informed me that she has polymyalgia, which I had never heard of before. I was only familiar with fibromyalgia. In fact, my client believes she has both conditions. More...

2015-06-12 / Pets

With summer travel right around the corner, many of us plan on hitting the road with our pooches for a little summer fun. However, for some fourlegged family members, road trips can mean upset tummies. More...

2010-07-30 / Features

Maybe you’ll remember the Iron Range schools of the 50’s; maybe not. More...

2015-06-12 / Features

COOK – Last year the Cook Lions Club’s garage sale, now in its 13th year, raised $36,000 in three days. More...

2014-06-27 / Features

AURORA July 2-4 Freedom Fete 4th of July Celebration. Aurora celebrates the 4th of July with a traditional parade, fireworks, pig roast, pie eating contest, kids’ carnival games and numerous community events More...

2014-06-06 / Range History

One of the enduring images from World War II is the face of the GI in the surf on the Normandy beachhead, frozen for all time in the photograph taken by Life Magazine’s Robert Capa. More...

2015-05-29 / Mining Features

NASHWAUK – While recent news about price, demand and employment hasn’t been favorable for Iron Range mining operations, the largest mining construction project here during this century is nonetheless moving ahead, executives say. More...

2011-06-24 / Home & Garden Tips

Make and hang red sticky traps before July 1 to prevent the apple maggot flies from laying eggs that result in wormy apples. Cover a red sphere (like Christmas ornament and hook) with plastic food wrap or baggie cinched at the top with a twist tie. More...

2014-05-16 / Features
Ties to the Iron Range uncovered

The Finns are always happy when a Hollywood star comments on Finland in interviews. It has been reported many times that Oscar-winning actor Matt Damon has Finnish ancestry and that he would like to visit the country some day. More...

2015-06-12 / Features

VIRGINIA – Within a small non-descript garage in Virginia, two Iron Range bluecollar craftsmen are riding toward the big time. More...

2015-06-12 / Guest Columnists

This summer, one of the hottest actresses to emerge from the 1970s will be appearing on stage in "More than a Bionic Woman: An Evening with Lindsay Wagner.” More...

2012-03-22 / Features

You might not know what they are called, but I’m sure you have seen these flies in your house throughout winter on days when the outdoor temperature warms a bit. More...

2015-06-12 / Features

A new Highway 53 bridge near Virginia and a new Highway 135 bridge connecting the East Range to Virginia will feature several unique Iron Range visual qualities. More...

2015-06-19 / Features

The decision was easy, the commitment hard. I knew I wanted to be on the Bone Marrow Registry since 1995, the same year that I lost my significant other. More...

2015-06-05 / Features

BABBITT – Roy Grotberg of Babbitt, MN has been into motorcycles ever since he can remember. His enthusiasm for bikes exceeds the enjoyment he gets from the wind in his face though. More...

2015-06-12 / Hometown Recipes

The best grilled hamburger I’ve ever had in my life (and we’ve all eaten hundreds, right?) was served at Senator David Tomassoni’s annual summer fundraiser at his cabin. More...

2015-06-12 / Features

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2015-06-26 / Business

ST. PAUL – PolyMet Mining Corp. has been notified that the preliminary final Environmental Impact Statement has been completed and is undergoing review by the Co-lead and Cooperating Agencies prior to publication of the final EIS. More...

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