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2017-04-21 / Today's News

Raven Productions announces its newest children’s book

ELY – The charm of the rustic family cabin is sometimes lost on kids who’d rather have easy access to their electronic entertainment and group of friends. At The Cabin tells the story of one youngster who makes the transformation from city kid to wild child, discovering that in addition to such benefits as not having to make the bed (sleeping bags just roll up) or take a bath (why bother when the lake is right there for swimming?) there are rocks to skip, eagles to watch, campfires to cook over, and family stories to ponder. When it’s time to return home, the child is reluctant to leave all these pleasures behind.

Spare but lyrical text and lakeshore-inspired watercolors fill this children’s picture book, animating the subtitle, “In the Woods, By the Lake, Up North.” The family dog appears on most pages, watched warily by a little vole that scampers from page to page.

Author Cheryl Wilke has won awards for her poetry and has written for Highlights

Magazine. Born and raised on the prairies of central Minnesota, she now lives in Minneapolis with her husband and daughter. Illustrator Rebecca Stouffer is an antique dealer and heirloom gardener from northern Minnesota. Both women know the northwoods intimately and portray it memorably in this perfect-for-summer book.

At The Cabin is published by Raven Productions, Inc., a small press in Minnesota that has won both national and regional awards for their books. They specialize in children’s books that encourage children to get outside and enjoy natural settings. Each book includes scientifically accurate information and illustrations blended with a child-engaging story, and most have online lesson plans for educators. More information can be found at their website,

Book review submitted by Raven Productions, Inc. of Ely, MN. The book “At The Cabin” will be available soon in local markets and will be officially released in July 2017.

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