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2017-04-21 / Sallyworld


Sally congratulates Hometown Focus on their 9th anniversary and plans a new diet strategy
By Sally Yuccas
HTF Columnist

Greetings and Sallytations!

Congratulations to Hometown Focus on their 9th anniversary this week! What a little gem this paper has become over the years. It always has such interesting upbeat articles, crossword puzzles, recipes, helpful hints, business information, dining and entertainment, health columns, obituaries, history, current topics and so much more.

The beauty of this paper is that local people contribute articles week after week – I happen to be one of those folks. I wish this newspaper many more years of success. Without this paper, I wouldn't be able to throw my husband under the bus from time to time.

I started contributing to the paper in October of 2010. I put myself out there and announced to all the readers, "Watch me lose weight. Follow me on my journey of weight loss.” Well, my six-and-a-half year journey continues. I will never share what I weighed on that day back in October of 2010. Let's just say that age and many other contributing factors have added some unnecessary pounds. What I dish in through the front is noticeable in the back, to say the least. I have ventured off the diet topic many, many times but I will share a diet story this week in honor of the HTF anniversary since it is why I started to contribute articles in the first place.

A friend of mine asked if I wanted to join her on this Whole30 Diet elimination eating adventure. I was enthused and jumped on board thinking that this team approach would give me the boost I’d been looking for.

My friend went on to explain what I could and could not eat. Let's just say that the list of foods on the “cannot eat” list far outweighed those on the “can eat” list. She told me I could have all the fruit and veggies and meat I that wanted, which sounded like something I could do. However, she then told me that I couldn’t have any dairy products, bread or pizza. Following this news, she could see that I was losing my initial excitement.

"Well, how about you try it for 15 days and I'll still do the 30,”she said. She could tell that she was losing me since I gave her no response. She went on to add that other items that were off limits were salad dressings, no deep-fried or breaded foods and no sulfites. I could live without the sulfites but I was quickly losing enthusiasm with each item that she added to the “cannot have” list.

She continued, “You can’t have sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, junk food or baked goods but you’ll be putting your body through a cleansing process and you'll feel so good and energetic.” In my mind I am already energetic. I could bottle my energy and sell it I have so much!

My friend would not give up on me, “Sally, how about you do seven days and I'll do the 30. You can give it a try for the week to see how it works for you.” As I’m pondering her proposal she adds, “You can have eggs.” It just so happens I don’t like eggs so why is it one of the four foods that I can eat on this diet?

My friend then says, "Okay Sally, why not just give it a try for three days?” I started to liven up but was not yet ready to commit. She was ready to give up on me but threw in a last offer. “How about one day?” I finally agreed and on April 24 I will be starting a 30-day diet plan for 12 hours and give it my best shot. Wish me luck! If I like it, I may add another day or two but this, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why I shouldn’t be writing a diet column.

Earth Fest will be held on Saturday, April 22 in Mt. Iron. Events will be held at the Mt. Iron Community Center, Messiah Lutheran Church and the Merritt Elementary School. I've always wanted to go to this but have never made the time. I figure as long as I'm going for this Whole30 (Whole12) eating plan, I may as well go green at the same time, so I will try to attend.

Time to make some positive changes and broaden my horizons. If I can give up bread for 12 hours, maybe I can even grow a plant. We’ll see how my green thumb is! Ok, it's a wrap for this week. I need to start mourning all the foods I'll be giving up on Monday.

Hometown Focus keep doing what you're doing! This paper is a treasure to so many people.

Sally Yuccas lives in Virginia, MN.

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